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  1. It's just I don't see many people selling account generators but I see where you're coming from no point of making botting easier for other people thus making it harder for you.
  2. Is it suppose to be really secure the runescape account creator website. Becuase if not I'm not sure why any other people haven't done it yet lol.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation!
  4. So, I code in VB.net and was wondering if anyone could help tell me what type of thing I will need in my account creator. Like do I need to verify the emails after the account is created in order to prevent bans. Also, which .net feature would you recommend I use? HttpWebRequest = Most control, but takes the most to get it working WebClient = Requires the least, but doesn't give you some things (like cookies). You can add them in yourself though HttpClient = Everything's async, but it's a pain in the ass to work with proxies Obviously, HttpClient is out of the picture but does CSRF tokens play a part in the account creator page? If not it looks like WebClient would be the best to use. So any feed back is helpful and this is mainly just a little project and not a thing for me to sell after, so I might even release the source code if I ever finish it.
  5. Yeah its headless so basically its twice as fast at obtaining results etc.
  6. I was told about HtmlUnit but it only works for java, I guess I will look into this further.
  7. Hi, I know there are numerous bots out there which can automatically buy items from a desired website. But I see little to no tutorials on how people make these bots? If anyone knows since this is a botting forum how bots like this are made, I would be hugely appreciative if someone could point me in the right direction, with say a tutorial or certain things I need in my code. I also know of lots of people who have coded sneaker bots using c# but they have not told me how ;( apparently HttpWebRequests is where to start? Thanks for all the help!
  8. You need to right click on the WinRar file that you are given and click open with, then click Java. I had the same issue too, its not very clear!
  9. Its a very simple script but i've not seen a script for it if you have link me. It should be able to buy arrow shafts and feathers and then craft headless arrows then sell them on. and then repeat this process!
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