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  1. He's thinking of a form of artificial non artificial intelligence, this is easily done with a multidimensional time variable lmao. Basic programmer sense, no intent to be a dick
  2. Maybe create two gui' buttons that do setArea and walkToBank? Ex: Your cabbage patch run, easily detectable you can have it ignore mouse clicks on tiles and have it go using webwalking to the area defined by the player, and have a walktobank function
  3. I typed this up really quick, hope it helps. It's extremely basic and not something you should use on an account you wish to keep. This is also limited to major banks on runescape, if you wish to have other areas for banking you will have to change the method. private boolean Bank(){ if(Banking.isInBank() && !Banking.isBankScreenOpen()){//If is in bank, and bank screen isn't open Banking.openBank(); sleep(100,300); //Sleeps 100 to 300 milliseconds in case of bad loop to prevent lag }else if(Inventory.isFull() && Banking.isBankScreenOpen()){ Banking.depositAll(); //If inventory is full & Bank screen is open, deposit all sleep(100,300); //Removable sleep Banking.close(); sleep(100,300); //At this point, in your main loop you want a break point. //This is how you end the script unless a different method is implemented. } return false; }
  4. Hi, so to begin with I am still new to scripting but I do have a bit of knowledge in Java. Right now i'm currently stuck on a small part where I am trying to identify an item within an interface, The interface ID is 300,2. The item i'm trying to interact with inside of this interface is labelled as 300,2,8 and the Item id is 970. This is within a shop, and I am trying to right click, buy 10 but I can't seem to make it work. I don't know what to do beyond this point, and i've spent hours watching tutorials but none cover the interaction with interface i'm trying to do. Also I have tried reading through source files of scripts interacting with shops, but cannot seem to grasp how an array is created and how to navigate through the array and interact within the set bounds of the array created. My current lack of knowledge: Create an array inside of an interface, interact with an item inside the bounds I set inside of the array created. I don't know if TriBot handles interfaces like these in a simpler manner in the API, but I have definitely sought out other ways for this and have always come up empty handed. I understand that at this point most people pay money for private teaching, but i've currently spent all of my money on my car to be fixed so I am going to you guys. Anyone willing to lend a hand? A clean explanation of how this works is all I ask, I'm not looking for anyone to do my code for me. If you can explain how the array is set up and works, and how to create bounds inside of the array that would be great. I can currently see the bounds of the item in the shop myself when I select the item in an interface explorer, but have no clue how to manually create the bounds within the script. Also should I change the shop to a banking interface in case the item runs out of stock? Current state of code after dumping and restarting from nothing: private boolean buyPapyrus() { RSInterfaceChild papyrus = Interfaces.get(300,2); if(papyrus != null && !papyrus.isHidden() && !Inventory.isFull() && hasPapyrus()){ } return false; } private boolean hasPapyrus() { RSItem[] items = Interfaces.get(300, 2).getItems(); for (int i = 0; i < items.length; i++) if (items[i].getID() == 970) { return true; } return false; } I will implement a loop for buying the items that will be non-repetetive and include ABCL2. This script is in development and is planned to be released publicly.
  5. I have an issue where it selects a world to hop to, but doesn't press login, then goes back to choose another world. aaaand repeat. Anyone know a fix? The loops happens(in my belief) because there is no method stating to press login after selecting the world to log in to.
  6. @RedHawkLuffy With Jagex's botwatch as it is, the release of a premium wilderness looter will not affect prices much, if at all. All this does is recycle consumables and equipment, not much else to say. I see what you're saying, but trust me this won't harm you much if you own a private wilderness looting script.
  7. @Usa Hoping you notice the issue with this script. Many people awaiting the patch. For me the script doesn't move after the launching GUI screen is completed and I press Start. Thanks ahead of time man.
  8. @Druid Still awaiting the cooking guild patch. Been waiting over a month now... Please fix. You still have your banner with the statement "Flawless script" when it is not, I'm sure many would appreciate this fix so we can run massive units of suiciders.
  9. @WillB Awesome, thanks! Also forgot to mention, stamina/energy pots support would be nice for when running long periods without finding loot. Please keep us updated!
  10. Thank you man, I actually figured it out by changing the capitalization randomly before reading your reply just now haha. Hopefully this topic helps others in the future with this issue.
  11. 8 Hours is quite a bit of time for accounts you don't wish to be banned. Are they F2P or P2P? Also, where and what are you doing? What script? Botwatch probably has flags for where you are and what you are doing, you need to change your methods man, stick to the stray path
  12. EDIT: Woops, sent my reply at wrong person. Absolutis, You will not be successful if you do not go out and look on your own. That is, unless you're extremely lucky. Noone will tell you their methods of making massive profits, but if you look deep into the areas of runescape most people don't consider you can find some pretty decent methods. Now onto your question of running a botfarm. This depends on the size of your bot farm and what you are planning to do with it.(Suicide, cook their stats up, scam, etc). Some of these methods you will be running with your bots requires maintenance. You will need either an auto muler, or some form of manager that supplies your bots the equipment and items they need. Secondly, you're going to have to create a lot of backup accounts for these current accounts. You can purchase an auto account creation service for x amount of accounts(See: FC Automatic Account Creator). or you can do it yourself and risk all being chain-banned. You will need proxies(Some say you don't, and personally I don't at the moment because I'm not functioning large scale yet). You will need a VPS(Your pc can only handle so much, and eventually you probably want to use your pc for something other than bots). You will need a large amount of money investment to get this "Farm" started. It is no simple task, neither cheap. Finally, expect to lose a lot of money early on. By the looks of it you're new like me. GET TO KNOW THE IDEA OF HOW BOTWATCH GOES, before you invest money. Trust me. Thanks for reading, hope you have great success! p.s. Stick to private/premium scripts later on, much lower ban rates.
  13. I haven't seen any functional wildy looters with proper anti-bans, anyone want to take up the job and make a premium looter? I would be interested in purchasing this script with a few auths to have running in the background for random gear and food. Script: - Webwalks from any location to edgeville, hops to popular PK worlds. - Crosses border and stays in safe zone while looking for loot and keeping tabs on locations for high risk fights. - Instantly goes with run turned on to loot and right clicks the stack and chooses options down the list. (Useful for slow connections not getting the loot because of others looting with left click). - Immediately banks after looting high valued items(To eliminate risk of dying with items). - Support for Anti-Poison If you have any ideas to add to this, please say below in the case a scripter decides to pick this up! I'm sure they would appreciate it. Thanks for reading.
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