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  1. I will buy all 3 if you still have them. Please PM me or add my skype - rs.tight
  2. add my skype!! taking all orders!!
  3. Taking all orders!! add my skype
  4. Taking all orders once again! Minigame/Defender/Quests! Add my skype
  5. Taking orders!! ALL ORDERS!
  6. this is still true
  7. Taking all orders! Thank you.
  8. Add my skype! I am online!!
  9. Taking all orders!!
  10. At the moment I do not do firecapes simply because I dont trust my University wifi for 63 waves of concentration. BUT! I will open up my cape service within a few weeks when I move back home. Nonetheless, I am open all day for torso orders!
  11. Taking all Torso/Account Training/Questing services! post below and add my skype!
  12. online all day!! Ready for orders!
  13. online and taking all orders!
  14. COMPLETE! Thank you for purchasing my services! hope to see you again.
  15. Starting now! Thank you for placing the order!