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  1. Just wanted to know is there a reason why only people who are registered/signed in can see signatures on Tribot?
  2. Welcome Gary
  3. Im assuming your using adverts for W302, there are alot of mods on Alt accounts that target dicing hosts/adverts. Jagex has updated some report system for Pmods, where if a pmod reports you for games of chance they get banned pretty quickly (just a theory from my experience) If the accounts are getting locked thats a different story.
  4. I seen a few comments for fury's
  5. Discord link:https://discord.gg/ADGMvD7 [The countdown timer should be up with in 24 hours]
  6. 200M Drop Party/Giveaway Win a bond every 8 hours! Welcome to Frost Bets the biggest in game dicing clan chat in 07 RS Also the first to introduce Discord dicing with provably fair odds! http://discord.gg/33mrum4 How to play chest games Check some of our many previous payouts Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Don't forget to follow us on twitter! Teamspeak ts3.verygames.net:50125
  7. It does look so weird lol
  8. Made my custom script quickly as promised, great service and great price will be coming back thanks <3