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  1. Thank you for having the only working VPS setup script on here. May the heavens bless you.
  2. Looking to use your service, added you on skype
  3. can you update the 64 bit link? It's dead. Thanks tho, when it was working, smooth as butta
  4. Thanks I realized it was a necklace lol Anyway, how can I stop tribot from randomizing the path? It interrupts the custom one I have set up and then i have to restart the script everytime it becomes randomized.
  5. As the title states. Trusted members only please. Post here or PM.
  6. Thank you all for the well-informed posts, will start my experiment on Monday...
  7. Thank you for the info! Also if I did start bottling during their working hours, I wouldn't be banned until their next working day correct, like I started suicide botting at 12 pm gmt.
  8. Around what time do your accounts usually get banned the next day during their working hours? For example, let's say I start a new acc up with a bond 5pm GMT and keep it going all the way until the next day. Will it be automatically banned at 9 AM GMT or perhaps 11 AM GMT? I'm just trying to know so I can squeeze out as much time as possible. I live in the states so I'm always sleeping when the Ban Hammer hits, never knowing when its exactly done, or is it random? In my case, I always get banned the next day when suicide botting no matter what, which I accept. Cheers.
  9. I was wearing nothing; it was the runes that prevented the bot from entering. Also, on the dwarf cannon quest, it fixed 2 rails and then stood idle for around 6 min... I'm not liking this script...had to complete the rest of the quest manually
  10. Just bought and used Waterfall; for the tomb part, it doesn't drop the runes but continuously uses the pebble on the tomb to get in. I had to manually drop them so it could enter.
  11. Wow thank you! I'll be sure to buy from you guys in the near future as I've already gotten some from Montreal but good looking out! Also, how long is the special going for?
  12. Thanks! I'm all set now. No more mistakes
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