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  1. oh nice man @daxmagex would you say theres a differince in banrate between black and red chins?
  2. would this script be good to start a small botfarm with? like 5 accs maybe. how much would i make per hour? and dont you get pked soooo much up there, that its kind of useless? the script will just have to hop all the time.
  3. haha wow, this script still isnt rewritten. i bought this back in september or something, luckily i managed to get a refund and got DaxHunter. Best choise EVER
  4. damn looks like this script has gone downhill, or the banrates are high. ive reached 1-99 hunter in like 3 weeks with this script and received no bans whatsoever. ive made like 100m off black chins easy. then i purchased Tri Puro Puro and got a 2 day ban after using that for 3 days.. i was amazed by how good dax's script was, even the running from pkers option was flawless! however, i havent used it in a few months.
  5. this script is sooo much false advertising... its not flawless AT ALL LOL. its so bot-like its a joke, and the bugs named a few posts above, STILL EXCIST
  7. My main tribot account has been banned by a moderator a while ago. i have sent several emails trying to solve it but im getting ignored. yesterday i also sent a PM to Trilez. Back on my main account i posted on mute's rock crab script that his script was not working properly, then he PMed me saying i chargeback a VIP payment or something?? minutes later i see im banned. I have over 100$ worth of scripts on my main tribot account, and i would like to get acces back to it , or get a REFUND from the scripts. THIS IS JUST PLAIN POWER ABUSE. I HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING WRONG!