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  1. if i use you're other script, "assume calc" is there a risk of a ban using it because it doesn't actually stake does it only calculates?
  2. Ahh i see, has now happened 13 times every time it was a good challenge. I will record it tomorrow and watch what happens myself and report back
  3. Hello not to sure what this means wondering if you could explain it for me has happened about 8 times now in the first 50 mins of running it [4:42:16 PM] Stopping bet listener [4:42:16 PM] Stopping setting listener [4:41:33 PM] Putting up: 400,000
  4. kneller97

    played rs for 4 days and banned

    and did you bot straight for those 6-8 hours, and was it a paid or free script?
  5. This script is flawless absolutely love it, one of the best scripts i've used!! But like people have said the way it deposits items. It clicks every space even though there is no items in half of them, would this be an easy fix @Usa Also a nice little 3 hour proggy
  6. kneller97

    New to Botting. No Clue how to...

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm sure Tribot currently doesn't support RS3. Only oldschool at the moment
  7. I've read both this and the documentation thread, but do you think it would be possible to use just magic i'm level 90?
  8. I have used this script the past two days and botted 100 accounts, through this script and currently no accounts have been banned. Ill keep you updated if they do though
  9. kneller97

    Bot farm progress from SCRATCH- WITH TL;DR

    https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1524-usa-tutorial-island/ And don't know then, i am also using a vps from them too
  10. kneller97

    Bot farm progress from SCRATCH- WITH TL;DR

    Yeah so far all my 27 accounts are still working and all they've done is botted tutorial island. I'm using USA tutorial Island as the script, and buying my accounts from virtualbuddy.org under the marketplace section. If you go onto the services page on this forum they have a thread in there.
  11. [12:58:24] java.lang.NullPointerException [12:58:24] at scripts.asterChopper.wb.g(CustomChopping.java:83) [12:58:24] at scripts.asterChopper.ain.run(ain.java:83) [12:58:24] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [12:58:24] Script Ended: aster Chopper AIO Keep getting this? I've tried deleting the .tribot folder twice now, i am using a custom location know why it keeps happening?
  12. kneller97

    Bot farm progress from SCRATCH- WITH TL;DR

    So just an update from earlier, i was quite shocked when you said only 5 out of 12 accounts survived from tutorial island, well as i said earlier is was running my 100 accounts through tutorial island. And so far 13 have been past tutorial island and all 13 are still playable? What script are you using? or do the account locks come later on after i've played on the account a bit?
  13. kneller97

    Bot farm progress from SCRATCH- WITH TL;DR

    Hello, Good luck with the botting i too have started the past week on my own bot farm. I purchased 100 accounts a couple of days ago and they are currently going through tutorial island atm, ill let you know how many survive. I am planning on levelling the accounts up to around 12-20 combat, and then start a basic WC farm up. I also have 2 accounts that are 60/60/60 that i am currently levelling up the magic/range/prayer in order to bot Zulrah. Again Good luck with you're farm and ill be following and also update you on my accounts Dan
  14. kneller97

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    Hello how come the script ends if i die by a players? EDIT: Sorted it out now, i must have had the settings wrong or something