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  1. I go to the official website and make them like normal. I always use a VPN though, not RS related, just literally always. Even for school and normal stuff.
  2. I don't think it would be hard to implement it where the mouse would leave off of the screen and enter from another area. No mouse data really needed. I know humans aren't random but they sure do move their mouses all over the monitor and it would seem random. Does what I'm saying at least make any sense?
  3. I think if it was implemented it would be an extremely advantageous antiban method.
  4. It's not that it leaves only from the top, but it's that it always leaves and returns at the exact pixel it left from. Even if it returned from the top 5cm away from the leave point it would be better?
  5. Just gonna tag some people whose opinion I value. @Aropupu @daxmagex @iFluffee @erickho123 @Worthy @Mute @Encoded
  6. While watching TriBot run through some of the scripts/bots it has moved the mouse off screen and moved it back from the exact same position. However, when a normal human plays and moves the mouse off screen, they never return to the exact spot they left from. I drew a thing in paint illustrating what I see and think. The TriBot mouse movement is going off the screen with the Red pencil mark, TriBot is returning to click the next object with the Purple pencil mark. When I play and move off the screen which is usually to click on something (Chrome and Spotify in this case), I end up returning the mouse to the screen from a completely different point. Which is seen from the Green pencil mark. I tried to make it look like I actually moved it and clicked on something although it's probably not too real looking. Does this mouse returning that TriBot does look like a bot since it always returns from the pixel it leaves? Is there a way to make it enter from a different point similar to the green line?
  7. Don't forget you can click Client and disable the graphics. Then change the paint delay to 100. I think that helps.
  8. Thank you so much. I kept having problems with daxWebWalker trying to go onto an ore tile instead of right next to it. But only in certain areas. Thank you a lot.
  9. Is there anyway you can implement an option that if daxWebWalker fails to fallback to Tribot walker?
  10. Are you using a password you have used on any other sites? That's a big issue. Check https://haveibeenpwned.com/
  11. ohhh. I saw an old post saying it did and was confused. Thanks. Btw, daxwebwalker doesn't seem to want to work. https://imgur.com/a/fKr2k
  12. is this supposed to flee from combat like the rats in varrock? It just stands there trying to mine until it dies.
  13. Alright. How long would it take until someone could make it after I give the files? I assume TRiLeZ is the only one who can?
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