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  1. Would it be a good idea to show people how to get a free google cloud vps?
  2. https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/136 This one? Try FC Woodcutter and tell me if you get banned with that one. And what are your tribot settings?
  3. Forgot to quote you!
  4. Alright. I will make the tutorial tomorrow I hope! May I ask, why are proxies so costly? I can find a VPN the same price as 1 proxy? So what's the deal?
  5. Yeah, I am talking about VPS. I didn't mean to type VPN this entire time.
  6. I messed the title up, I'm sorry, I meant free VPS not VPN. I apologize.
  7. You misunderstood me. It's the same effects running tribot with one of your(any) proxy. Whether it be a VPN or PC? Correct, right? Since it all goes through the proxy. And how are free VPNs terrible? The one I can get is very very good, much better than the ones you pay $20-$40 a month for. Up to 8 cores and 52 GB, huge HDD or SDD space. You can do other stuff than RS too. Torrent or whatever. The speeds are always better than 500mbps up and down. MINIMUM. Does that sound like a good deal? If more people get to use a free vpn, they can spend more on [your] proxies Right?
  8. Which ones are known of? You could also use a free one and a paid proxy for the same effects?
  9. Well first off, which script are you using? That is the most important thing.
  10. Just buy one for $1 of the tor site Alphabay.
  11. Has anyone made a tutorial for this? If not I will make it, so don't close this thread.
  12. Which scripts did you use?
  13. I botted 100+ suicide wc accounts who all got banned. I had them trade all the yews to my mule. I also used the same ip for each account including the mule and my actual main. So this is completely safe.
  14. I botted 2 NMZ hosting accounts with USA Tutorial Island and ran them each day for 8-10 hours. They are still alive. Just f2p now. I used 100 mouse variance, new mouse policy, and did not use LG or any breaks at all.
  15. Did you right click and select open with java?