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  1. This is a lie. And you know it, because you had my reports removed. At least be honest instead of lazy.
  2. Why does the client state that i have 15 minutes left in lite mode? Is that suddenly also restricted?
  3. Well during all the bans my main acc, that was not botting on, was left alone. Has 4b on it and they did not ban it.
  4. And... I got banned on one of my new acc while using this script maker. Goldfarm macro ban, was only creating a telegrab script. Acc was all level 1 with manually trained mage to 33. Did everything including tutorial manually. Either the client is detected, this script is easy to detect or i have very bad luck. I'd put my money on the detectable client though. Turns out all new accs i created have a delayed ban. Sad. Bye 10 dollars per acc
  5. Bought this script a few hours after first trying out the free lite version. In the lite i could only test what i made for 20 minutes, witch was a bit frustrating. (I understand why it has a limit though) But after messing around with the script for hours i finally began to make progress. After seeing what it could do, i decided to buy the full version. And so far no regrets. I had a few questions, and Assume helped me with them. Great guy, helpful and friendly. With the script you can make practically anything that is not incredibly complicated as minigames. It does require a few hours of practice if you want to create something usefull other then simple 1 task preforming scripts. But once you understand how it works you will never regret the money invested. Even though you can only run 2 accounts per 15 dollar, you can make and use many different kind of scripts. (I have no knowledge of scripting or anything java/computer related, and i could figure most of it out on 1 day. You can do the same)
  6. Is the clicking the fault of the script or tribot?
  7. Very simple version of it Start Block mainSTARTscripts.ScriptMaker.api.types.intent.grounditems.ItemIsO[email protected] then: cast spell TelekineticGrabclick the item 245 with the action Castsleep for 100 millisecondsGOTO STARTEnd Block main Used add action> Ground item > Clcik item [x] with action [y]. So the ''cast'' will be clicked on the ground item, but it often fails to click right (Btw, what is wrong with tribot. every time i do anything on the client i get logged out here...)
  8. Thank you, i now understand how most of it works. However there is one thing that keeps me from buying the full version. When i want to use something like telegrab on a item, it misclicks around 80% of the time. I have client paint delay on 10, and good internet and computer, so i think it has something to do with the script. If i can manage to make a near flawless simple script on the lite version here i will definitely buy the full version, as it is very easy to understand.
  9. Start Block mainclick the nearest 1309 with the action AttackEnd Block main Does not preform any action whilst i'm standing 5 tiles away with autocast magic on. Nothing shows up in the bot or client debug, just does not preform the action. Time left was 10 minutes, so i didn't ran out of time.
  10. The bot occasionally fails to find the way back to the bank, like the next target tile is out of reach. But after 10-20 seconds it restores itself and it's going much better then a month ago. Can leave this bot overnight, only risk is getting banned. And a very small risk of getting killed if u're a low level when you miss click on the man. (it does not run away from combat) But even with those 2 very minor bugs, it's safe to say that this is the best tanner out here at this very moment. Thank you for creating and updating this! Edit: I now notice it is failing to open the door when the bot closed the door by itself. It keeps on trying to rightclick>tan the npc but with the door closed this can go on for hours. I would very much like to see this fixed.
  11. Great, thanks! Quality script and service/maintenance
  12. Great script, using it on 4 accounts every day from 8pm til 6am (jagex hq time), never got any bans during that time. There are just a few problems, i'll list them. - When i start script it sometimes doesn't detect coins or hides. - If the door closes the bot will not open the door. (i have a strong feeling that the bot itself closes the door) - On it's way back to the bank, it can just stay there for hours on 1 spot not clicking on anything. (it can't see the path maybe) - When it miss clicks and gets on the east side of the building, it can't find its way back (to tann the hides/bank) Even though these problems are there, they do not occur very often. But also makes it hard to leave them on for hours to run when you are not watching them. Other then this, it's a very good script, and hope these will be updated. Thanks
  13. Got manually banned today, bot busting event. 3 day ban. Is it safe for me to continue botting on it after the ban? Very good script btw, 1800 per hour and near flawless
  14. after about 1 hour of running this script, it suddenly went a whole different direction. Is this a bug in the script or tribot?