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  1. Banned using daxcombat at yanille druids on a 2013 account - recommend everyone avoid that location as they consistently mass ban it
  2. To any staff member that processes my account recovery request within the next 5 hours
  3. Np :-)
  4. I had my tribot account hacked (I'm hoping an admin will read my recovery request in the recovery section soon) but I offered the hacker 500m if he told me how he done it and he confirmed this: leakedsource.com The above website stores usernames passwords email addresses secret questions etc. of 1000s of hacked websites and databases, I recommend you check the website to see if ur username is listed and if it is change all your passwords at least for the accounts it lists. I was suprised at how much of my info was on there and I checked some other usernames and it's pretty scarey what they know.
  5. heres the guy admitting he hacked me
  6. How do u know it's a he. I've got 1.5b on my main - offering 500m for my account back
  7. P.s. If the hacker is looking at this thread please change my pw back to what it was so I can have my account back - ill pay $500 dollars to u if u do
  8. It was my 'weak' password - I used it on sites I didn't believe we're secure enough to use one of my better passwords on, so even if they do go and log into another forum it won't be one I care about, they'll just be wasting their time :-)
  9. I've posted in the account recovery forum too but the admins on this site rnt very quick, someone's happily botting with my account atm!
  10. Runwithit (tribot account) although my rs account got cleaned too and they macrod Fletching at ge and got me banned for 2 days Not sure what authenticator is on tribot only know it on rs Nope only used the pw here (i admit it was quite weak - hence the suggestion to have minimum password strengths - if possible I'd like people not to have to learn the hard way)
  11. Hi, In order to reduce the amount of tribot accounts getting hacked (I'm currently waiting for mine to be recovered) I recommend the following: - Minimum password strength when creating your account or changing your password - Password resets can only be done via an email link that will be sent to the registered email address upon requesting your password to be changed - Registered email address change can only be done via an email link that will be sent to the registered email address upon requesting your email to be changed I think the above are quite basic security measures nowadays and these measures would significantly reduce the number of accounts being hacked.
  12. Link to your TRiBot Profile - https://tribot.org/forums/profile/54619-runwithit/ Your original Email address - [email protected] Last time you logged into the account (Date) - 24th March 16 Your (external) IP Address (if you are currently on a proxy) - I'm not on a proxy Screenshots of your earliest transaction with TRiBot - Please see screenshots from 2013 attached A list of Scripts you remember purchasing from the earliest date in (Script/Date) format - BrMasterThieverPro (2013), Hamood's AIO Chaos Druids (2013) and daxFighter AIO (2016) Screenshots of any TRiBot auto-generated emails with the date visible - Please see the screenshots attached Payment details used to pay TRiBot (Credit Card #'s, PayPal emails, etc.) - Please see a paypal and coinbit screenshot attached Any other information helping us link you to your account - Please see all of the other screenshot's attached, if you check the inbox of the recently recovered account you will see a very long (two pages) message exchange between me and daxmagex on his daxFighter script, daxFighter helped me to get banking logic working at Yanille druids, in the message exchange he attached two logic scripts for me to use Please let me know if you need any additional information @TRiLeZ @Todd @YoHoJo
  13. @Usa bump
  14. Please see attached all of the evidence you should need to prove i own the account runwithit The assholes changed my password and email address so I can't even recover the account myself :-( Please can you recover this for me quickly as I'd like to get back to botting :-)