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  1. I have the exact same issue, did you ever find a fix?
  2. Easily the best script ever made in the 2007 scape era. Multiple accounts 1-99 no matter if I made the account a day ago or a year ago. Flawless. I just wish things were the same with wintertodt
  3. Just about to finish up a fully quested nmz account with a bunch of other quests too as I have the main package. Looking glass + break timers, no ban. However It is probably worth noting that this 100% requires baby sitting mainly for the toggleroof option that I mentioned above but in general just a rotation of camera or something fixed it in most situations.
  4. Was just about to comment this. ::toggleroofs needs to be an absolute must on start up of this script (please implement it)
  5. This is the exact reason why I can't use Auto Wintertodt Pro anymore, sadly.
  6. this every single time. No idea what happened to this bot.
  7. Don't know how I keep dieing on ironman using this. I even end up in lumbridge swamp stuck too? I used to use this script all the time and never died but now there is just so many problems..
  8. same thing is happening to me, assuming the update broke the script
  9. Very excited about the performance portion of this!
  10. Historically, I've had an incredible run with this script, as you can see my by signature results. But lately, that has really come to an end. All of my progress in my signature have come from fresh level 3 accounts, bans were never an issue, but as of late I can't get a single one to 99. I've had about 10 bans in a row (yes multiple different ips, break timers & always looking glass.) A little sad as this has been a god send for me, but not really sure to make of the above.
  11. @Encoded If the user receives a golden tench while Ariel fishing does the script drop it? and if it does can you make it so it does not?
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