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  1. @Gh0sty is it that straight forward or is there anything else i need to know? @Icewoorgen legit
  2. Recently my close to max main got banned, so j decided to buy an acc. My acc is near maxed (99stt, 91att, 92def). I figured i dont want to lose my account so i wont bot for a little while. Im quite busy with work and school thats why i looked into training at nightmare zone. Could anyone help me on how to afk overnight at nightmare zone with guthans? Greatly appreciated
  3. @Tri it was working fine for the past 3 weeks havnt touched the settings it just randomly happened. Btw i made a new acc and im trying to run 2 accs (1 being one i've been using with the script for a while) and it only lets me run 1 acc otherwise it says maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpasses. How do i fix this?
  4. Awesome service honestly! Installed everything and answered all my questions. Did an amazing job works flawlessly! thanks
  5. How many tor ports: 2 Have you added me on skype: Yes Do you agree with my T.O.S: Yes
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