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  1. I can do this but you will need a blowpipe and a few angler fish. What is your defense?
  2. pretty easy to buy vip. Also script doesnt require me to. Its private and doing by hand doesnt require VIP
  3. Hey guys I am willing to do the minigame for you. I can do it by hand or I can use my private script for it (via looking glass) Either one doesnt matter. The higher your farming the cheaper it is.
  4. I need a script able to run to shop, buy prodcuts, bank, repeat. Just something simple. I plan to use this on about 20 osrs accounts.
  5. 8m for 5 credits
  6. 10m and 1 week
  7. I can do all of this in 1-2 days.
  8. Ah so you are going for quest cape requirements. I can do by hand for 100m. A trusted MM will hold the funds if you are not going first.
  9. I honestly can't understand what he is saying.
  10. You don't have to be rude.
  11. I can do this. Will add you
  12. Small issue. I left it overnight and it has been in the same spot trying to attack the man outside of the door. It doesnt open the door but tries to keep attacking the man outside. Loss of many hours.
  13. Now you should create some kind of way to multiclient your client where it copys all clicks and keystrokes amongs the others =D
  14. ISP doesnt ask questions. Take it you don't know what you are talking about.
  15. Going to test this on a lvl 3 and post results. I plan on using this without food but shrimps are required for the first few levels until it wont need food as I have regen braces + higher def later on. Goal: Only using shared attack style Not rely on food (after 10/10/10 I will remove the shrimps) Pick up every single loot Get as high as I can until gets banned