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  1. Lol it already got banned. Not sure if it was the rock crab scripts that weren't good, or the thieving script that acted completely like a bot. Oh well! That was all the GP i had left so I went all out lol. I'm done with RS, good luck to yourself
  2. Probably right lol we'll see what happens.
  3. Can I turn my comp into a VPS or whatever and just let people bot on it with teamviewer? Like block certain things so they couldn't lookup donkey porn and I'd put on a new user so there's no pictures etc. My comp can run 14 bots with no lag, 16 with some lag. IDK seems like a decent money maker cause I have an extra comp.
  4. Yep.. I agree. Bought 3 bonds on a new acc.. 45 days membs, think I'm gonna try to get 99 str in p2p.. we'll see how it goes. Anyone experience high ban rate at rock crabs?
  5. Which do you guys recommend? Seems everytime I buy a bond my acc gets banned anyways so I don't feel like botting with P2P accs anymore