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  1. Been Away For A Few Months

    Hey guys looking to get back into botting again. Have been away for a few months so if someone could update me if anything has changed in the botting scene and gold price that would be great. Thanks!
  2. Booo This Man

  3. Im interested in doing this job. Add me on Skype at JoshSmith1000
  4. Best Bot for F2P Money Making?

    Honestly I would recommend just paying for membership. Ive been trying to bot f2p methods the past few weeks and I get banned before any profit can be made. Seems like f2p botting is a waste of time unless you pay for your own server.
  5. Mule Account

    I cant get LG to work. So its safe to use Maxathon to actually play and not just make accounts correct?
  6. Mule Account

    I purchased 5 Socks5 proxies. I made 2 accounts each on 4 ip's then dedicating one to the mule. Can I just play off Maxathon for the mule? For some reason @iFluffee's guide suggests WideGap or Proxifier after making the accounts on Maxathon.
  7. Mule Account

    Hey guys newer botter here. So I have read @iFluffee's guide and I have created my runescape accounts through maxathon. After that I try to use Widecap going through Firefox or Chrome and it doesn't work. How do you guys use your Socks5proxy through a web browser for you dont have to go through the tribot client to keep your mule safe? I would really appreciate the help here
  8. Rs3 Bot Clients?

    Tribot doesn't actively support RS3 unfortunately. You will get better support with OSRS.
  9. Help

    Can a experienced botter add me on Skype at JoshSmith1000 please? I have a few questions i want to ask. Would really appreciate the help.
  10. Seems like there has been alot of problems recently with this script. Can anyone vouch for this script based off of recent success?
  11. Just sent you a message on skype about a gift card

  12. Hey im a complete noob when it comes to proxies and all of that. Can we talk on Skype please? Im interested in buying, please PM your Skype when you get a chance.