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  1. Hey guys looking to get back into botting again. Have been away for a few months so if someone could update me if anything has changed in the botting scene and gold price that would be great. Thanks!
  2. That's really awesome for you. Thanks for sharing!
  3. JoshSmith100

    Buying 300M+

    Looking to buy 300M+. Hit me up with your best rate through Paypal.
  4. Jeez noone is ever selling on these forums even though alot of people use tribot lol so weird
  5. JoshSmith100

    Buying 10M

    Looking to buy 10M through paypal asap. HMU
  6. Skype is JoshSmith1000. Im interested.
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/4k3sj5/i_am_an_exscripter_from_a_popular_botting/
  8. 1.01 is the lowest price I have seen anywhere offer. Good luck with the store though!
  9. Looking to buy some gold tonight. HMU with your rate and skype
  10. Hey guys ive decided to make a official thread for selling and buying gold for I dont have to keep making threads and everything is organized. Currently I am only interested in buying and selling OSRS gold but may expand to RS3 later. Here are my trading rules Selling $1.20 firm to non gold store buyers. I will only accept bitcoin and you must go first unless you have 100+ feedback and some recently. We will do the transaction in increments. My rate is negotiable to gold stores so please PM me with the rate you can pay. Buying I will be buying OSRS gold through only paypal at the firm rate of $1.08. You must go first unless you have 100+ feedback and some recently. Please do not bother gold stores to try to sell me gold through here. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions such as what is my Skype, my current stock or anything else!
  11. What do you think is fair? Dont have alot in stock right now but ill keep you in mind
  12. Sold 3M off site. Still have some for sale.
  13. What version of Vbulletin dude? Kind of important. PMed
  14. Sold 75M to @YoHoJo Still have 25M for sale.
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