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  1. A talking about totems and relics... because a roll down on client if i get any relic ... i see loot for example 4m.... in bank nothing.. under loot see i die... i watching 3 hours and waiting for drops about relic totem ect... after finaly 3 hours later get medallion... acc pick up loot, after use ring of wealt to GE. Next dueling ring for banking... BUT character use burn ammy without banking ... char stay in cave and continue farm revs...till pk comes.. and next you know... lost medallion... yesterday i check loot... 4x items today 3x..20m gone idk why acc do not banking rare... other items are ok like magic seeds,parts of armor ect... banking have on 150k loot
  2. Bot yesterday drop 4x ancients... today 3x... every time mine acc will be killed ... ofcourse they tele but ancients items ignore and teleport back to wild where acc after die.. no rebank.. 20m gone in 2 days...please fix this
  3. Bot when see Pkers, try change world but just click on triangel to switch number for ppl... bot no more change worlds correctly
  4. My script also missing... have ther in folder just script. Problem must be on tribot loader
  5. average 13 kills and 500-700k profit/hour without rare. 82ranged and 88 mage lvl 70 deff.... have equipt : full ahrim,rune c bow+diamond bolts/for make profit/ black d hides ...occult,book,swamp trident,normal mage cape1. 1 mage potion 1mage potion ,2x prayer,4 karam+sharks,antivenom+,extra recoil, script works great.
  6. its normal... i have too lower lvls 88mage/82 range and profit is around 500-700k hour.. but mine rune time are around 3 days ofcours with breaks in week.. but in rare items got around 30m+30m poor profit.. but better than nothink.. i think best way are to get 90+ stats
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