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  1. My script also missing... have ther in folder just script. Problem must be on tribot loader
  2. average 13 kills and 500-700k profit/hour without rare. 82ranged and 88 mage lvl 70 deff.... have equipt : full ahrim,rune c bow+diamond bolts/for make profit/ black d hides ...occult,book,swamp trident,normal mage cape1. 1 mage potion 1mage potion ,2x prayer,4 karam+sharks,antivenom+,extra recoil, script works great.
  3. its normal... i have too lower lvls 88mage/82 range and profit is around 500-700k hour.. but mine rune time are around 3 days ofcours with breaks in week.. but in rare items got around 30m+30m poor profit.. but better than nothink.. i think best way are to get 90+ stats
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