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  1. After the Infero update, The bot will not correctly log in.
  2. My client status is bugged

    I am using Tau Grand Exchange atm. But after the Inferno Update, It won't login stuck at the Login Interface not doing anything.
  3. Buying 20 Credits

    Buying 20 Credits For 1,15M Per Credit
  4. TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    Operating System: Windows 10 Java Version: Issue I'm Having: Screen is still flickering, any scripts does not work. What Script I'm trying to use: /
  5. RS Login Screen Moving Side To Side

    Haha na not on lsd man thx for the info
  6. RS Login Screen Moving Side To Side

    I have the same problem :/
  7. Fatal Client Bug 5/25/17

    First time VIP R.I.P
  8. Buying 2 Credits

    Done got them.
  9. Buying 2 Credits

    Hey, I am buying 2 Credits for 3€ PayPal