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  1. Friendly service, Fast deliver. Thanks you trusted..
  2. PkzTFX


    Hey everyone, I am need someone who is selling 8 credits for osrs gold. Paying 11M
  3. Cool you sold 200 Times without any problem, but this time you scammed. What earned 1,6M lmao, that's nothing i usually do not even care about that, but what you said in Skype about Jagex took codes off ect, and you not refunding that so.. That sounds to me you're the scammer, stop talking shit i have no problem to give the staff 10M to get you Banned. Jagex has put nothing off, that's just your excuse. I hope this, i do not really care about 1,6M because i already made about 5M, i just hope that this scammer gets finally banned because i just hate this i never buy any things from NON Trusted people anymore, now i see how it ends. This Seller was NEVER LEGIT all he wants to keep his vouches on this site, to scam more peoples. - @Montreal He can't provide a working code, because the code was fake.
  4. Why you trying this so hard. First you talking about, that Jagex took off 1k+ codes of the market, and you're not refunding it, that says everything to me. and now you're talking about that i already used the code. So sad that people even scam 1,6M.
  5. ^ That is what i don't understand from him, rofl.
  6. You scammed me with giving me a CODE that is not working, so that's a scam because i paid for that. You doesn't have to respond anymore, that what you did is a scam.
  7. 1. I bought the code from you HAVE to send me a working code. 2. I don't care how much codes you actually sold i have proof that you're scammed me. 3. What Jagex did is not my problem YOU was selling the code that guarantee me i receive a vaild code.
  8. This screenshot says all:
  9. I don't care about the 1,6M i care about the Point he scammed me and i want this gets dealt with. He got some people that vouched him that i dont unterstand.
  10. Scammer's Username: TomyLink to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/19116-tomy/Chat/Discussion Methods: SkypeChat Username(If Applicable)*: juan.lion3Describe in detail in your words what happened: I buyed a Prime code from him for 1,6M he gave me a code that didn't worked, and said i already used the code but if i already used this code its would be show on the site, it's just says "Your code was not recognised. Please try aigen."Evidence**: Here you see i paid him. [/url] Other: He got banned on Scythe & Powerbot too, and on much other forum for scamming. [/url] - Thanks
  11. I am using Tau Grand Exchange atm. But after the Inferno Update, It won't login stuck at the Login Interface not doing anything.
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