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  1. Could give you a hand if you still need
  2. Failed to click ruins. over and over for making air runes, gotta click it on my own to continue
  3. VCores. Anyways, since you're running 2007scape you wont need a lot of RAM. Default heap size for TriBot is 386mb so multiply that by how many bots you need. If you're going with a VPS try to find a provider with dedicated cores, and low RAM.
  4. Some people get like 5 crabs to themselves so they dont have to do anything for like 5~ minutes.
  5. Tried the trial, my suggestion is you make it so it can't attack crabs within like 2 squares of other players. Would annoy me if someone took my crabs while I was trying to AFK
  6. I know a very great reseller for dedicated servers, is there any interest for a good VPS service on TriBot? All VPS's would run centOS (Linux) or other linux distros. All would have VNC (Teamviewer-esque program). java pre-loaded onto it. Also would give a small proxy list with purchase
  7. My bad. Figured it was because there were still RS3 scripts available on the site
  8. It is also a RS3 bot
  9. I would pay a lot for a decent frost dragon killer, with super, extreme and overload support. With prayer options perhaps, summoning aswell!
  10. A frost dragon killer! I havent been playing for a couple years why are these not as popular as they used to be... Can only find one