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  1. VapeGod

    Just got permanently banned

    I went to Bermuda Triangle to find these helpful tips for you! Botting an account you care about is never a good idea While free scripts can be very well made if you use the correct ones, they're still generally much less safe than premium scripts. Hence why they cost money! Your thread will soon be moved to a specific area in the forums where all ban related posts go Without VIP-E you do not get access to the human mouse movement feature which helps a lot against bans All premium scripts are required to have a feature called ABC2/ABCL10 which is a type of anti ban that is very well made (some free scripts have it too, but not all) Botting is bannable Jagex will ban you for botting If you bot, Jagex might ban you Pineapple is pretty good on pizza (the spooky Bermuda aliens told me) If you tag @YoHoJo you get 10 years of good luck
  2. Worlds pettiest complaint: Is there any reason the dynamic signature isn't working? I thought it was on my end then I realized even yours in the main script thread wasn't working! Not a big deal but it'd be cool to see
  3. VapeGod

    Almost missed my daily dumb question post

    I said toasted not roasted!
  4. VapeGod

    Almost missed my daily dumb question post

    I feel thoroughly toasted.
  5. VapeGod

    Almost missed my daily dumb question post

    Thank you for the legitmate response! Definitely starting tutorial island by hand only! I think woodcutting could be decent if I put the work in to get them to look legit then make them members for yews when they're at a good level!
  6. Alrighty so this one might not be incredibly dumb but I just have a few general questions that will help me improve my farm greatly, as well has potentially help out other people who just aren't sure about this stuff. I was away from the community for awhile so I just want to make sure I know what's what! Flame me if you'd like, I'd expect nothing less from you cuties! 1. Do real emails make a difference these days, as well as confirming? 2. How important is tutorial island by hand? 3. Is maxthon still the preferred proxy browser? 4. How much of a difference does looking glass make when compared to the extra resources it requires from your pc? 5. More of a specific one, is it worth making the effort to make woodcutting bots look legit? 6. Why am I so bad and helpless? Thanks for all of your guys' help and support throughout my time here
  7. VapeGod

    The Standard way to mule using the script queue

    I feel as though there is a recent event on tribot that inspired that reply
  8. VapeGod

    Has Jagex gotten better or am I just bad?

    I think that is definitely the route I will take from now on, I just tend to trust the big names on tribot.
  9. VapeGod

    Has Jagex gotten better or am I just bad?

    I got my proxies from @Montreal I thought his stuff was pretty reputable, I've used them before but who knows. 100% certain! I have my proxies labeled the same on my client and maxthon so I can be sure what is linked to what
  10. Time for yet ANOTHER dumb question from the infamously dumb VapeGod. So I have been trying to create accounts for two days now. I have created a total of 27 accounts, spread across 9 proxies. Each one was created by hand, emails were real (never received any verification emails for any of them), the only thing that was illegitimate was tutorial island which I botted. All of them were done with USA's tutorial island, one of them I even did by hand (later realized it was probably a flagged ip). Each and every single account got hit with the "Your account has been locked because we suspect it has been hacked" message, including the one I did by hand. Every time I made an account I created it on the same ip it played on as well. I have no idea what I am doing wrong! Send help.
  11. VapeGod

    I have too many questions:D

    Thank you so much!
  12. VapeGod

    I have too many questions:D

    I'm sorry I have so many nooby questions! This is one I have had for awhile though. If I select my proxy at the tribot loader log in screen do I also need to set it for the tabs or does setting it at login work as a sort of "master" proxy? Thank you all<3
  13. Hello! So this is a weird problem I have noticed with the client. If I have several tabs open using the same script in different places, only the first one will work. They all seem to try to use the location information of the first tabs client. Is there any way to stop this? Thank you!
  14. VapeGod

    Premium Scripts or VIP?

    You raise a valid point.