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  1. Never used it never will. Had an account run 10 hours a day plus 24/7 on the weekends for 3 weeks. Still alive and kicking!
  2. Once means after that break is over, it will not happen again. Repeat means when the timer ends to start the break, and the break happens, then ends, it will restart the timer and wait til that timer is up again and repeat. So say you made your break handler to take a 20 minute break after 3 hours has passed, if you were on "repeat" after the break is over, the three hour timer for another break, will start again. If you are on once, that 3 hour timer will not start again. I hope I explained that well!
  3. How do you pull those numbers with no vip? lol
  4. My thinking is a sketchy proxy provider potentially having access to your home ip could keylog you, idk
  5. I have an account for sale thats been sitting for months, since we cant sell on tribot you'll need to message me on skype or buy it off player auctions, it's level 90 cb
  6. 1. You're using vpn's/proxies that aren't from a reputable source. 2. Someone you know that has your info took your stuff. 3. You're trying to milk people on tribot for stuff. I've been hacked before, it sucks. I didn't blame tribot because I know it's reputable. My guess, you tried another bot, one of the ones they spam in rs would be my guess.
  7. The new boss in the catacombs is solo as well
  8. I'm fairly certain in the new seasonals it's against the rules
  9. Well I just hadn't thought of that haha
  10. There is currently a poll on runescape that includes a question on whether or not you should have to have started Dragon Slayer in order to wear the anti-dragon shield. This poll currently isn't passing by a mere 1%. If this passes it could majorly impact the amount of GDK bots. Just wanted to share the news, cheers everyone!
  11. There's been some results found by people that have shown if you're paying by bonds you're more likely to get hit with a perm ban
  12. Ah yes. The challenge of the ages. Trying to bot on an account you want to keep. All I have to say is, good luck and don't bot accounts you want to keep.
  13. Well if you're using accounts that are level 3 with level 44 rc that's your issue.
  14. Oh no. I dont want it to end, but as a big company you'd think they'd be hunting us down like we hold the cure for emily is pro's cancer
  15. It's about damn time theyve done this. I botted recklessly on a gdk account from 60/60/50 to 75+/75+/70+. Over 12 hours each week day and 24 hours a day from friday to satruday