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  1. ExNightMareZone is broken?

    working fine for me people
  2. Human Mouse Implementation

    Amazing work dude.
  3. 2 day bot busting ban - what now?

    Bot busting is a Mod banning you manually, not detected by client. I've been botting my account since that happened to me. And been fine for 1 month now achieved 99s since. Im 90% sure that people who have be bot busted are less likely to be flagged than *Macroing Ban* due to that being there bot detection systems so that flags your account/IP.
  4. Monkey madness 1 Prayer Service Thread

    Open for orders.
  5. Hay my name is Anna and i new here

  6. Monkey Madness Service thread SKYPE - DCServz Due to having no feedback im willing to use a middleman or go first if trusted of course. Requirements Before i start quest # Mage 35 # 35 or more Hit-points Can also do Monkey madness with prayer of course prices will be a lot cheaper. Just completed this on account to show i can complete on 1 prayer/Defence.