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  1. The bot always tries to run "to chins" after logging in for the first time, regardless of whether or not it is training chins. Also, it doesn't run to chins. It runs to the most southwestern point of the map and then continues clicking the black empty space that it cannot run into. Only resolve is restarting the script.
  2. This doesn't happen *when starting the script from the login screen*, and is the reason I brought the issue forward
  3. I'm running multiple accounts, all at different locations and stages. Fix your script instead. Also the script is assuming it is out of traps whenever it comes back from a break. Can't run for more than 1 hour with breaks turned on. Example 1 [18:09:45] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:01:19[18:10:07] We are taking a break. Ignoring login bot.[18:11:20] Seems like we are out of traps.[18:11:22] Break Handler: Break ended.[18:11:26] Script Ended: daxHunter[Premium]. Example 2 [18:55:52] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:22:03[18:56:11] We are taking a break. Ignoring login bot.[19:18:11] Seems like we are out of traps.[19:18:12] Break Handler: Break ended.[19:18:16] Script Ended: daxHunter[Premium].
  4. Please make it so the bot doesn't try to run "TO CHINS" every time I start the script from the lobby. It's frustrating to have to stop the script and run it again just to get it to work. It also does this when I run birds, where there would be no reason to run to chins whatsoever.
  5. I think this should be a feature that people can use themselves, like the break handler.
  6. He is the owner of TriBot. Don't be so ridiculous.
  7. Title, had 2 bans last night and wondering if this is why
  8. Please make this script support breaks or add your own custom break handler.. then i'll buy 5 copys. Accounts in training but i'll be going green drags if it doesn't get this feature
  9. Low CPU will limit you, if you want more, deselect it so you can assign more cpu power to the task..
  10. Perm banned for goldfarming on several accounts, probably due to the recent errors with the script making it detectable/easy to flag patterns, now moving to a different method. Cheers for the script warfront! Here's what I made with your script (at least):
  11. Several bots stopped last night with this error: [06:29:49] java.lang.NullPointerException[06:29:49] at scripts.aHunter.b(aHunter.java:701)[06:29:49] at scripts.aHunter.J(aHunter.java:580)[06:29:49] at scripts.aHunter.y(aHunter.java:1053)[06:29:49] at scripts.aHunter.run(aHunter.java:1038)[06:29:49] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[06:29:49] Script Ended: aHunter.