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  1. @daxmagex How long until a shift-click implement for dropping inventory? Thanks again, I have always enjoyed this bot It's the best.
  2. Couple of questions - It's stated 'Supports Sand Crabs' Does it train with fastest xp rate possible + moves out and in once when the crab is not responding? Also does is it possible for it to bank once the bot is out of food, assuming there is a bank near the Sand crab training spot Thanks.
  3. I know it sucks but it will be fixed, I've been here for 2 months, usually the fix is faster but, as far as bots go, Tribot is the best around that I have used. I will not use any other bots. "Once you go Tribot, you can't go back" -Killer-
  4. The latest update caused this, we are all just waiting for the fix.. trying to be patient :). Thanks @TRiLeZ and @Usa in advance for the fix. -Killer-
  5. @TRiLeZ ETA on a fix for LG? -Killer-
  6. Nothing that i use on LG is working either, I only use LG as well as I have not had good luck without it. Please fix I just reupped 3 guys on members and bought exnightmarezone again. -Killer-
  7. The bot ever since i got it has issues when it tries to world hop. Over half the time it just stands around for 20 seconds before saying "Failed to worldhop! Destination world:xxx". Hope you can fix this. Thanks-
  8. I used non-looking glass bot and got banned frequently.. ive been botting 12 hours a day for over 2 weeks now with no bans on lg...... agree with @Killzone9298
  9. Was this using Looking Glass? I use similar scripts and am just curious
  10. Is it a plan, is there an ETA? Just wondering as teleports are costing a lot now days so the profit goes way down.
  11. @Worthy Does your script support fairy rings? I'm working my way up to zulrah right now and am wondering. -Thanks- -Killer-
  12. @Tri I'm a new-ish Tri-botter, but I've botted for a while using other bots,, Tribot is the only way to go, I'll never go back.. That being said, Deadman Seasonal will be a thing from now on for a while and it will continue, its popular. The bot when world hop is enabled tries to hop into a deadman world and I've had it successfully do it once and get stuck and stop in place for a while until I noticed it once now. Can you please teach it to recognize which worlds not to go to based on the text that pops up or maybe by color of the stars. Thanks man, Love your script. -Killer-
  13. These are the exact things that I'm running into, I realize you post this as a free script. I can speak for everyone here that this script is a godsend and we are very happy you post this as free. I hope you are able to fix these issues, I don't script myself nor do I even know where to begin but I think if it just took some more time when the inventory was full to click on the door and realize where it is after it tries to click the door before it continues would fix one half, the other is the log causes issues sometimes. And the last thing is the bank is an issue as well, sometimes it doesn't even go into the bank without help and then when it gets in sometimes it doesn't bank, and sometimes it doesn't withdraw food. When Babysitting I think the bot is great, Appreciate it. But I really wish I could trust it so I could leave the area for a couple hours sometimes. Really appreciate you as a scripter, -Killer-
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