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  1. Bans are currently an unavoidable thing right now, expect them at some point or another. The only thing we can really do at this point is aid such methods to prolong our accounts. One thing I suggest you do on a daily basis (If you plan to bot daily) is delete your Jagex Cache folders, this is a very known method within the community but id suggest you do it as well. Location can be another key factor, do NOT bot around highly populated botting areas such as Lumbridge trees... Most bans come from within game which leads me to expect Weath must have "go to" locations on a daily basis to remove bots. Hope some of these tips help in prolonging your accounts Best of luck
  2. Being banned on one account is unlikely to affect your IP as of yet... However your second account (If it was being botted) may have a delay ban, only thing you can do right now is wait to see what happens to that account. Best advice I can give you without telling you to do X/Y/Z is to test new things and try different methods until you find something you like and something that works for you. My final advice would be NOT to bot on an account you love, it will have a high chance in getting banned. Best of luck with your aims
  3. Your be very lucky to get from 1-99 with dedicated botting on an account since thieving is a form of "gold farming" so be aware of this (Very risky) word of advice... Dont bot on an account you love as there is a high chance you will lose it to a ban. Best of luck tho
  4. Ogres by Yanille is your best bet if your just leveling range id say... Easy to get into a safe spot there only issue you may find is a lot of users go to this spot and there will be cannons on almost every world... Best of luck tho
  5. Il be updating the thread later tonight with progress from day 10-15... Happy to say the account now has full void leaving just the hasta & stats to achieve
  6. I believe a lot of bans accrue from in game, this means Weath must have "go to spots" to ban bots... Good example of these would be Lumbridge trees & lobster fishers running back and forth from deposit box... Where as if you where in a "Secret" less populated area... Your chance of in game ban are much lower or your accounts are more likely to last longer. For suicide accounts im assuming you are running more than five at once, in this case id suggest finding decent proxies to mask each or select accounts to stop a pattern being found and you losing all your accounts.
  7. Time wise I believe Jagex work hours finish 9PM-8AM (GMT) So these are the key times to bot between. However, Mod Weath has been training new people to intervene with banning bots (Some I also believe have been coming from Mod Ash) So people have been seeing bans even out side of Jagex work hours... Just make sure your method isnt overly used & the locations you use are virtually bot free... Best of luck tho
  8. Most of this project will be hand trained as key areas are easily AFK-able if you have the time... However for botting, I may decide to bot key aspects of the accounts that I know a "virtually safe" from past experience Thanks for the support!