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  1. Bug #2: Script will take out a ring of dueling (8) when i still have a ring of dueling (1) on me still. Then when it teleports to castle wars, it will bank the ring of dueling (8) and then re bank and pull out another ring of dueling (8) and then equip it. I am using the ring for one teleport method, and then using another teleport method to get to different location. ring of dueling is for banking. thanks!
  2. Bug: When world hopping, if it see's a door, it will open it. Messes up efficiency and looks very bot-like.. when i dont need to open that door. Solution: A: Give option to add which doors need to be opened to get to shop keeper. B: Don't have door be the first thing the script tries to do, have shop keeper take priority. Will solve this issue (this is probably needed more) Currently it will hop worlds, then automatically open a door (that i don't need to be opened at all, didn't even use the door to get to area.)
  3. First of all, Thank you very much for the change in direction. This is how you properly apologize. Addressed the issue, and resolved it. Completely. Thank you, and here is to tribot's continued success!
  4. no you are hacked. someone changed your username. happened to me a year ago or so. they changed the accounts email so the username changed that you log in with.
  5. ivalice

    look glass

    yeah botting may be over soon, at this rate. no other clients had good scripts.
  6. ivalice

    look glass

    so is it fixed?
  7. Thank you for the update. I'm pleased with this. I do think if he has health issues, he needs more help. He can not be the sole person involved in these updates. I know he mentioned he has had help from a few others, but maybe he needs a partner to help balance things. Just my opinion though. Thanks guys.
  8. This is one of the best scripts, if not the best I've ever used. Suggest others get it. On a side note: Does anyone 24/7 this? What is the "safest" way to go, and get as many hours a day as possible? or what do yall do time wise? Thanks guys
  9. Issue: i came back to find my char was standing at the gate to the shrine, doing nothing. Maybe implement a fail safe to where it returns to the north or south area, or even banks after not doing anything for x amount of time. Other than that, i've had no issues with this script! amazing script, just wanted to list a suggestion, no hate intended.
  10. I think the new rs update broke this script. It was running fine last night, went to reload rs, and now it's status will just say null. =/ Edit: just needed to restart tribot, my bad!
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