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  1. I could do it, how much do you pay?
  2. Welcome back
  3. Hi, I want to buy this Script but i want to know first if people have done it to 99 without ban? I got agility 99 from your other Script and im worried that the bot detection is higher when i use this Script
  4. yes, better safe and slow than fast and sorry. a real human cannot play optimal for hours, thats why you need to calculate always only 2/3 of the XP rates on the WIKI because the wiki is unrealistic. Here my XP rates with very good antiban and break setting: Varrock: 9~10k/h Falador: 15-19k/h Seers: 25-30k/h Pollivneach: 33-35k/h Relleka: 35-38k/h Ardougne: 39-44k/h
  5. not very high if you bot clever, many breaks afk mode hovering etc
  6. best script ever just got me from lvl 1-99 agility in just 20 days
  7. Can someone tell me which thieving script gets my main from 1-99 with the smallest chance of being banned?
  8. I thought i need it to use vip scripts :/
  9. Hi I bought VIP accidently this morning, without really needing it. Can someone delete my VIP and refund me 6.5 Credits, which I can spend for something else? Thank you very much, Dirk