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  1. You have to be VIP-E to use proxies in tribot.
  2. Aren't you the guy who doesn't know Java but wants to use the node framework?
  3. Get it to play the game. Then focus on features. Start with the basics: destroying portals, protecting the knight. Then you can move on to the extra features.
  4. Your Win % is too high. You're going to have a harder time finding a stake.
  5. You'll find that most of the good methods are kept secret. And most of the public methods will get you banned so you'll have to constantly be making new accounts. Starting a farm takes a lot of effort and upkeep.
  6. This really depends, if you're running it for 6+ hours and your account is only typing every 60 seconds the exact same phrase, with no other input... I'd say you're likely to be caught pretty quickly. Either way, try it.
  7. My recommendation is that you start with something super simple. It can be anything, but something simple leads you to explore the language and you can build from there. The other posts are right, you should definitely learn more Java before writing a script, that's recommended, but not required. You can learn from writing scripts but that might hinder you in the future. Just pick something you want to do, that's very simple. Make a script that goes around and just opens doors in Varrock or an AutoTalker, with something that simple, you learn a ton of things about scripting like web walking, getting various IDs, using the Player object, and so on. From there you build up your knowledge. Also, you don't need to remember everything, that's why there are resources available, you can always refer to them. TLDR: Start simple build from there.
  8. If you just need to communicate between two bots. I would use direct communication in-game. Creating a database isn't worth the time for just two bots. However if you need to control and command more than two bots bordering a farm territory then you should look into creating a webserver with an API. And use longpolling to query the API for data.
  9. The higher the percentage you set the less likely you are to get Stakes. So keep it in the 50%-52% range. That's usually alright.
  10. Their pricing is actually incredible competitive.
  11. I believe there are some issues currently with the RS3 bot.
  12. You can run far more bots if you run a Linux box. It's much more efficient then Windows is. Windows comes with a lot of overhead that you don't need. While Linux lets you throw in only the things you need for botting. That OVS box has more then enough resources to run 20+ bots especially if you're running Linux.