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  1. Zulrah instance, kill it once and dont leave the island. I have never tried this myself so I'm not sure if you even can cast alch there.
  2. Same thing happend to me a few weeks back, i'm only running one account a time right now
  3. Best agility script around, made a LOT of money thanks to this script! 6$ well spent!
  4. Ran it on a throwaway account at canifis course, all I did at eating settings in GUI was selecting monkfish. I started it again and it seem to have died again with the same settings, so I started it up once again. This time I wrote in the ID of monkfish instead and its been running for 2hours now, it havent ate a single food but I'm at max hp so I dont know, maybe it missclicked some npc and died for the werewolf, its running just fine now though.
  5. I woke up to see my account dead, doesnt it eat monkfish? Lost 150 ish marks, rip.
  6. PM me: Grand exchange. Or take the path north west from Varrock west bank.
  7. I would go with Probemas.
  8. I'm suiciding it and havent gotten a ban yet, 24/7 for 7 days now.
  9. I'm not sure what you are talking about..
  10. Hows marks and exp per hour at 70 doing pollnivneach rooftops?
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