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  1. Hey just a head up Leoshairo is TWC on osbot he should be it on here too
  2. Hey i have payed him the 25m please just let him close the dispute on the other forum he opened he is not responding me on skype..
  3. Listen first he pushed me to get 1-50 range then i was like okay then i told hi m i wanna get money for this i got 1-18 slayer and most of the range. then he told me take you part for the range what we agreed was 1m on ea account
  4. waiting on mod to say to me if i can take my part 1m on ea account = 2m for the range and slayer i did.
  5. I did slayer too even if i didn't need to he told me do slayer while you cannon so its seem worth i get my part of it when it was hes part and get 18 slayer. he pushed me to get it.
  6. here is my proof http://imgur.com/a/Ug9gw
  7. can you psot screenshots of it?`that you did 80% of it?
  8. https://gyazo.com/d96c5cf529972196571b37b9f07eaae7
  9. Admin can see waht i edited and you can see on worker app on the other bot forum you made a dispute on
  10. I told him the money was not refundable that he pay in fee to enter
  11. I told him that i will take 1 m before he leaveing the service he told didn't tell me anything now he told me take you part of it https://gyazo.com/8ac1716bf20880478a30f6d1bc7904db
  12. i forgot to say that i need my part of range too i did 1-50 range he told me take my part of the range https://gyazo.com/8ac1716bf20880478a30f6d1bc7904db
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