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  1. If i do or dont get banned atleast i know what i can and cant do as a bot. This is a learning experience. Plus all i was doing is trying to show off how good this script is.. I freaken love it!!
  2. Do you buy membership for your accounts? And if so are you making enough to pay for membership and profit without caring about bans?
  3. I stopped the script go wc better trees and im at 16hours total right now
  4. i wouldnt test my luck with 24 right now ha but maybe in the future I know i woke up thinking they were already banned before i even went to sleep Were you using this script?
  5. Im not a high enough level for zulrah, but thanks. once i do get a bot to a preferred lvl ill be doing this
  6. You know what I don't think you can get it anymore don't see it in repository, nor on forumsdont get it though Get this one instead there is a free trial before buying aswell
  7. First time going over 6 hours and it was a huge success!
  8. Its called lumbridge tree chopper i wouldnt recommend it thought... instead you should buy this premium script called Master AIO Chopper OKay. Thank you for the advice and tips!
  9. what would be a good amount of days before botting i've heard people saying wait 6 months. But that a long time and its hella work if you plan on making more then 1 bot. But now i understand, to not just go from tutorial island to 7hr botting period
  10. What is looking glass is my main question
  11. Hey guys i been botting for some days now, i have had atleast 6 accounts banned already out of my own negligence. But i hear looking glass prevents ban rate. Can someone explain to me what it does, how to use, and what scripts are compatible. Also can someone tell me best scripts to get stats up as a lvl 3
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