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  1. I've created over 100 accounts using this script.
  2. Yes because 1 IP for $5 is VERY REASONABLE
  3. You got ripped off...
  4. Oh sorry. Its unlimited accounts for lifetime I thought you meant the Runite version
  5. Yup. Its $20 for unlimited accounts for 30days.
  6. I get my private socks5 proxies at 50-60cents each on other sites buying in bulk too Haven't gotten a flagged IP before.
  7. I doubt so. It would take like max 30seconds to start the script.
  8. Nope my total runtime was also less than a week and total fish caught is about 50k~
  9. Dynamic signature is really broken I barely got over 1.5million XP but it shows 27m.
  10. I hooked my LG to OSBuddy and used a proxy. However, I misclicked and closed my LG. Does the OSBuddy continue using the proxy's IP address or my own internet's IP address?
  11. I'll only be paying 5-8M Also its because I already have VIP-E here so I'll rather get a script here than elsewhere.
  12. Request: - Private Script Description: - Would prefer to talk via skype (skype name: Kaloex) Payment Amount: - 5M-8M 07gp Time: - 1-3days Additional: - Bot only need to need click about once or twice per minute or something close to that.
  13. I upgraded from VIP to VIP-E for like $2.50 I think but now my VIP is still here but my VIP-E is not? What happened? edit: nevermind lol. 30seconds after creating this thread I realised what happened.
  14. Possible to make it drop net at level 5 ,drop fishing bait/fishing rod at level 20 and drop feathers/fly fishing rod at level 40?