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  1. Yeah, but I'm not retarded about it. I've set up breaks, I use unique proxies, I don't overwork them. I've had some bad luck with scripts too. Thank you for the link!
  2. my accounts get banned within 2 weeks so
  3. Does anyone here have any experience with it and what are some unique/helpful features it has? Specifically, what I'm looking to do with it is have multiple instances of a web browser open, all running on different proxies so that I can use LG to some effectiveness. Yes, I know that LG can already switch the proxy once it takes control of the web client, but I'm paranoid that Jagex might be able to detect the change between the IP to which the client data was sent and the IP that is now making connections through said client.
  4. I'm mostly going to be using VMs. My hardware is adequate for a few, but I also use my computer a lot so yeah.
  5. Well, all of my accounts are banned so I think I'm going to run proxifier and do LG because my ban rates were way abnormal. That being said, I know that some scripts have gotten me reported(like a certain script that would keep me logged in for hours just standing still doing nothing lmao).
  6. Thank you. Sorry for being pissy. Haha. Been having lots of troubles with premium scripts and a lack of support for them lately.
  7. No, I don't run looking glass because I can't figure out a way to get 10+ different clients open under different proxies without using tribot. Only one account and I only bot 5-7 hours on weekdays and 8-12 on weekends. Like I said, the scripts are awesome when they aren't making you look like a bot, but the ways they mess up are like guaranteed reports if someone notices.
  8. Your scripts are so close to good, but your scripts have been responsible for almost every ban I've received thus far. The three that have gotten me banned being this one, AIO combat, and experiment killer. This one runs around in PC and looks like the most bot like bot I've ever seen. It like spam clicks on the mini map between two spots and just runs back and forth between them if someone uses the gate to grief it(which, if you've ever played pc, you know is like 80% of the time). I wouldn't complain except that I've bought three scripts from you(including a double auth on the experiment fighter) and you seem to have no interest in helping me fix the issues, so if other people have them, they should expect little help in fixing them.
  9. The script still wouldn't start. I had all the settings correct. Pretty simple GUI.
  10. Why do you have to have a glory/ring of dueling? It can't just walk back and forth to bank/portal in yanille? Dumb. That literally makes this script 100% useless for me. Script wouldn't even start for me during the trial either.
  11. You do realize that there are "rare pieces" for each set right? I have like 4 park places, but boardwalk is the rare one. I actually have every piece except the rare ones.
  12. I'll look into proxifier and I will let you know if I find one for free!
  13. ABC2. I had some tribot clients open on a separate(virtual) computer and when I closed them, it seemed to fix the problem, even though none of them were the account that I was trying to use this script on, nor were any of them running this script. Lmao. So, I don't know. I also adjusted my ammo setting to pick up stacks of '1' even though I didn't have ranged toggled on.
  14. The tutorial doesn't really help in this case because I want to be able to open multiple clients in the same browser under different proxies(they can be different instances of the browser, just all the same program).