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  1. theres already gamblers adverting here.
  2. Advertising wherever physically possible. We'll probably offer a swapping service for bettors between 07/rs3.
  3. private* oops haha and damn, I must of skimmed too much because I didnt see that part. But yeah, thats just asking for a ban. only thing i can recommend now is to just train the accounts yourself for a bit before suicide them and you'll probably notice better results.
  4. Just drink in moderation m8 and you wont have any problems. You sound like a more recreational person when it comes to working out if you get what i mean so it should be all gucci.
  5. If you got the cash I'd try to buy a VIP script man. From what i can tell in here is that your IP was either flagged or you just used a too evident script.
  6. I remember the first time I got a green stack of cash and thought i was the shit and would brag to a bunch of people online. Always great to hear about people making money and being satisfied no matter the amount. Keep on going and you'll have billions soon enough.
  7. i just think its ironic that they're a gold mining company, like literally.
  8. Need a bot that can advertise in game that detects if a pmod is within the vicinity so they don't get muted. Pretty simple but much needed. Willing to pay 07 for this script.