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  1. After hashing out all the details and making sure we had the same idea about the general idea of the script I received something that was way above my expectations. Druid was very serviceminded and helped me with any and all questions I had, to make sure that the script was good enough he tested it himself extensively before giving me access. If you really want to give any sort of automation a serious shot, Druid is your man. There may be faster or cheaper alternatives, but if you want it right and sustainable longtime look no further. Really happy with my script!
  2. @Druid The scripts seems to get stuck a lot on the world changing screen, would it be possible to change world in game instead? Everything else works wonderful with this bot, can definitely recommend the mule addon to everyone using this
  3. Hello I haven't got the level yet but does the mule function work with the woodcutting guild? Can the bot move from and to kourend (pay for boats, teleport)? @Druid
  4. I'm sorry. With "avoid losses" enabled this happens: When it's disabled it's working fine:
  5. Hello I'm having a problem with the "avoid losses"-option. Whenever I enable it, my bot doesn't run. Runs fine when it's not enabled. Any tips on how I can fix that?
  6. Yes, according to http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Grand_Exchange/Buying_limits
  7. Do you guys recommend using a breaking-schedule for this? Like make sure the bot gets 8 hours of "sleep"?
  8. Thank you for sharing, strong words! I can't wait for it to be available. Take care
  9. @TriHello I'm not sure how this works so it may just be a general webwalking problem but the bot can't find its' way in and out of the new slayer caves, like the one next to steve for example. Is this fixable in any way? Thankful for response
  10. pmed

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    Great updates and support for this script, keep it up JJ! :-)
  11. pmed

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    A small bug I've encountered with this script is that if you start the bot at the bank it doesn't loot items when it has walked to the training spot. A simple restart once the bot has arrived fixes this so it's no urgent problem but just thought I'd report it @@J J