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  1. Resizeable works good now, thanks! I noticed it seems to misclick more though. also, just bought the script today and got a fang on my first kill
  2. I tried using resizeable for the first time and it had a lot of errors. I started it in clan wars and it just sat there clicking equipment. Another time it ran to zulrah but just drank all my ranged and magic potions. Most of the time it just sits there after running not doing anything. Can we get a bit of a guide on using resizeable? edit: now it just tells me to disable side panels, when I already have them disabled. [17:19:01] FINISH MSG: Side-panels on resizeable mode are not supported by TRiBot yet. Please disable them in Options > Advanced Options. these are my advanced options
  3. Hi, I plan to experiment with some script development and I was wondering, how often do you get bans during development? I had made some scripts in the past on F2P accounts and never got a ban, but I was planning on making some scripts for P2P things and all I need is a high level, so I planned to use my main. Anybody experience bans during development? If so, how do I best go about avoiding that. Thanks.
  4. @Druid Just so you know, I just tested out the custom settings that I let you know were broken 2 weeks ago and they still don't work. I've tried every possible combination of custom settings and the bot always just runs away from the tree and afks in some random spot/runs in circles. If you follow the exact steps I took in my pictures you will get the same results. Please consider fixing this when you have the time, I paid for the custom settings.
  5. The custom tab seems to be completely broken. I have tried using it to cut yews in falador and it just walks south of rimmington mine and afks every time. I tried using N-W position and S-E position settings, along with radius. edit: Just tried using a custom setup with edgeville, and once again it just runs south even when both yew trees are up. just ran a test to see where it would go. settings start finish
  6. I just got 99 strength from 70 in about 2 weeks dhing for 10-15 hours a day. I was gaining an average of 85k xp/hr. Here's my review of the script Pros Very reliableVery efficientGreat customizationReasonable pricingSupport for all prayersSpecial weapon support (see cons)Banking & Potion buyingCustom inventory setupAnti-ScamCons Special weapons are a bit buggy1No lifetime option1) Sometimes the script will use it's specified special weapon and then not switch back to the main weapon Possible features ABC2Barrows item repair (I can see that it's in development with no eta)Flicking prayers such as piety for extra xp would be a great feature Overall rating ------------------ 9.5 / 10 Overall, this script is 100% worth the money, and I would recommend this to anybody planning to train combat stats. Thanks to erickho123 for the script, hopefully this review helps
  7. Microphone controller Nice video btw lol sick rhymes bro
  8. I just encountered an issue with what I believe is the autoleveling feature. After I reached 60 agility, the bot failed to navigate off of the falador roof and move to the seer's village course. The bot clicked on a rope going backwards on the course for 2 hours before I was able to stop it manually. I've included pictures of my settings for both autoleveling and teleporting + the location the bot got stuck, and where it was clicking. [14:48:25] Reached level 60! Changing to Seers course! [16:28:33] Script Ended: aAgility [Premium]. (I stopped it manually here)
  9. I'm thinking about buying this script, how safe is to bot 6-10 hrs a day with an old account, constant breaks, monitoring, but no looking glass. Thanks.
  10. Yeah it doesn't seem safe at all to bot as of now.
  11. It seems they ban paid accounts for 2-3 days while all f2p bans are permanent.
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