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  1. I got permanently banned on my pure after 4 hours of botting. I wasn't even fucking botting when I got banned either is the best part. I legit played a couple hours after I stopped botting and logged out woke up in the morning to my account banned? what kind of shit is that.
  2. It is but it's a folder not something I can actually click and start up. Any ideas?
  3. Hey guys so I've been trying to download tribot but there isn't a tribot loader anywhere to be found. I already download all the java needed. It just looks like a bunch of documents and I'm on windows 10. I've installed it 8 different times. There's nothing to start client.
  4. I downloaded it but the tribot loader isn't downloading. I have nothing to click just document looking things.
  5. Cool what time UK hours compared to Central time? and do you know of a good combat bot?
  6. Hey so I'm making a obby pure and looking to bot some strength levels. What is the best time to bot? What is the best combat bot? what is the best break time etc. Would love some information regarding these too reduce my ban chance.