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  1. Funny enough I had the same thing happen this morning. Had 4 bots that I used to farm and then trasnfer over to my mule, created on different ips but botted on the same ip. Woke up to all bots being banned as well as my mule which was never botted on yet still banned for macroing.
  2. homie its looking glass, and theres a couple of guides on this site that explain the process of setting up lg. i think its in new client advanced (?)
  3. Is worldhopping client or script side? I've been encountering worldhopping loops that are crashing my bots. Anyone else notice this?
  4. It's a problem with LG that's been going on for a couple of days now.
  5. Are you getting a null point error? LG has been bugged since the most recent update client update.
  6. Has anyone been able to make it to yews with this script yet? I keep failing to get past 58 woodcutting before being hit with a ban.
  7. I'm frustrated as well, been checking this forum too often the past couple of days, but he definitely knows about it. I'm honestly surprised there hasnt been a quick announcement from him, really it doesnt take much to post a thread. All biased judgement aside, I'm sure he's a busy dude and I doubt hes the type of individual to take advantage of people. I'm gonna keep giving him the benefit of the doubt until reason is provided not to. @TRiLeZ be puttin us through dem trials lmao
  8. i'm having the same problem t.t
  9. Hey aro! I'd like to try out the development version of aminer2. Thanks in advance homie
  10. Gonna test on iblastfurnace once i hit 60 smithing, any update on coal bag eta? also hows it been running so far?
  11. Any updates man? I'm really excited to see your progression throughout this endeavor as I'm looking into starting something similar. My quested main and barb fished obby mauler both got banned earlier this week and I'm trying to find out as much info on effective botting as possible! neva give in fak jagex ban hammar
  12. SOO many complaints about this being still premium when it isn't working? Where is this sites staff at, what the fuck?
  13. There doesn't seem to be an option to make bronze wire? Is that intentional?
  14. Sorry, can you clarify RMD MSRA and what the subject of amount is? Im baffledbobcat, and I live up to my name.