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  1. Is there a way to look at all of the proxies that we own after we have already purchased it?
  2. Anyone know the GP/HR at MLM at 90 mining? Also script works great with a good anti ban in place too.
  3. @Aropupu lots of times the bot will right click on a rock while it's already mining (tin powermining east varrok) then move the mouse off the screen. Makes it look very bot like. Also sometimes miss clicks the sack at motherload when it's walking, also waits at the deposit thing instead of waiting at the sack. Also can I have access to V2?
  4. Is script still being updated and support? Also how are the ban rates at natures and abyss in general?
  5. Is script working well again?
  6. I was looking into playing on one of the PSOBB private servers, but I'm not sure if I care enough
  7. New Halo's are all the same it feels like. They seem to have just made the game a cluster fuck of nonsense online by copying the fast pace gameplay of CoD.
  8. College Student - Main Diamond last season Logitechnoob - Mid smurf JiggityJayce - Jayce only account Elmochu - Random smurf
  9. Does the payment auto renew each month? Does Jagex care that one IP makes the account and then it switch to another to be played on? Just purchased it seems very promising.
  10. From the people I met on PSU/PSO/PSOBB everyone had played Runescape or currently played it. Hoping to see if anyone on Tribot played
  11. You main Garen, but have a Yasuo picture??