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  1. viewtitful

    Can someone reccomend an OSRS mining script?

    Nothing but good words about aMiner from me as well.
  2. @Druid Could you make it so the script clicks on knife then a random log instead of always the first one? This is for cutting at least.
  3. viewtitful

    nBarrows 2017 Development

    One day this script will be approved and I will rejoice
  4. viewtitful

    High ban rate tasks

    Thank you for the advice and wisdom, sir.
  5. viewtitful

    High ban rate tasks

    Do you know any premium scripts that are still being updated? I know the Zulrah bot is good, but I really haven't found anything else that is still being updated by the script writer. For example from the looks of the feedback threads all of the RC bots they aren't working or are missing big features (death walk for pouches). I'll probably give your orb charger a go sometime this week tbh
  6. viewtitful

    High ban rate tasks

    I know that runecrafting is a high ban rate skill, but how do people get away with having 20m~ RC xp while botting? I assume they are botting low hours and not always botting day after day doing the same thing (RC). Is this a good assumption? With this logic how come some green dragon bots can actually get max melee stats and 1 in everything else? I'm trying to figure out a good method for myself to reduce bans on accounts any advice would be greatly appreciated
  7. @Worthysorry, but can you explain to me how the script handles breaks or any type of logging out at a certain break point.
  8. Bot keeps getting stuck at boat or walks into zulrah then doesn't click. Was just working a few minutes before. -Edit- Forget what I said for now
  9. viewtitful

    nBarrows 2017 Development

    Do you plan on allowing teleporting with the barrows runes instead of using a tab?
  10. viewtitful

    nBarrows 2017 Development

    Good luck on release my man
  11. viewtitful

    SwagSplasher - An AFK splashing script

    script keeps randomly saying it can't find the monster I.E. Goblin or Spider and stopping. Anywhere from 5 minute runtime to 1 hour. Using LG with official jagex client going to try downgrading java version. using JDK update 102 still happening >.< I'm pretty sure it isn't the script since tribot does the login stuff. Read on bot support to inject with LG only when the client that is being injected to is minimized. That seemed to fix my issue.
  12. Anyone know the GP/HR at MLM at 90 mining? Also script works great with a good anti ban in place too.