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  1. ive seen cases where @TRiLeZ has helped before so i dont see how there isnt much i can do if i havnt changed anything from my payments no vpn or proxies or anything of such im not using bitcoins because i cant be assed to set it up but to be honest its not a problem anymore because currently i dont need any credits
  2. nah i wasn't using a proxy or vpn same mop same we browser and ip
  3. just brought 5 credits quick and easy transaction nice bloke keep up the good work

  4. i only use proxies on my vpn
  5. Selling you 10 tribot credits :)

  6. my card has been working up until today
  7. just sent my Skype
  8. ill download it now
  9. yeah i do thanks
  10. i think i may of supplied wrong email may of used gmail instead of hotmail, or didn't put full name while doing my payment
  11. @TRiLeZ please help me?
  12. my payment method says it suspects its fraudulent i read through and I'm not using anything to mask my ip address can anyone help me thanks
  13. buying 5 credits for 07gp