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  1. Is anyone else having problems with bot for login? Won't login after entering username and password, wont click on play now, so can't use breaks.
  2. Since update this morning, script is failing to login on click here to play page, just a minor update.
  3. Depends on your fishing level, early levels I was getting about 3.5k str n agility per hour, so work that out fishing xp, then higher levels I was getting a consistent 55-60k fishing xp per hour and 5k str n agility. I don't know anything about success rate except that it worked amazingly for me and I botted pretty long times. Encoded's scripts in general are great, and this one does it justice 100%.
  4. Thank you Encoded, script got me 1-99 fishing, never had any problems with this script and never had to babysit. 10/10 Quality script and service from Encoded as he is active and responds to enquiries! I would definitely recommend this script. On to your Wintertodt script for 99 firemaking now
  5. Just purchased, could you please implement ESC to close bank and to click the grapes and water closest to eachother? Is this possible?
  6. Just looking to get 50-99fm, don't have much concern about levelling wc or fletching, what would the best settings be for me? Considering I am 45hp and 49cb if that helps, clothing settings etc, any help is greatly appreciated
  7. Or does anyone have xp per hour doing wines with this script? As I've read through the comments and previous ones state that wine making is very slow ( doesn't stack xp drops ) and doesn't use spacebar and esc etc, can anyone update?
  8. That's a fair harsh comment, I've been using this bot since 20 fishing and am a day or two away from 99 with absolutely no problems. A lot of people have also done the same, Encoded's script can be recommended above most others, I'd say you probably setup the bot incorrectly or something from your side, because the bot itself is flawless.
  9. Does this script have keyboard shortcuts for wines? Loving @Encoded's fishing script, nearly 99! Wondering about this script how long wines would take to get 99? Thanks for any help!
  10. Thanks for the quick reply mate! Only comment I have so far is every time before dropping fish, bot moves mouse cursor somewhere random on screen, right clicks, waits then starts dropping fish. Might just be me, or an intentional thing, just thought it seemed quite repetitive, possibly a bit bot like!
  11. Just purchased, working well so far. Just need some help with the settings GUI, what does "Reaction Times" and "Save Stop Conditions" mean, the other ones are pretty straight forward but can't figure those two out. Also what would you all recommend the max amount of players to be on before bot world hops, considering that i'm barbarian fishing, thanks in advance
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