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  1. SO if i use the autotanner script with LG I will most likely not get banned in 2 hours? What scripts do you recommend me to use ?
  2. Hello, Yesterday I played some runescape and I wanted to bot again. Bought membership and went botting on my old account doing some tanning for money making. 2 hours later I got banned. I have the VIP-E for a month, I hear people talking about something called LG which i do not understand, i tried looking for the forums on it I just don't understand. What should I buy for scripts? How do they work? Would like someone to help me set up a bot with scripts, also looking to buy a VPS or something similar to let things run more efficient. Also what script will give me good amount of money which i can get more accounts in where i will not get banned so fast? I read the Help by not getting banned thread but what scripts in specific are you using? Willing to pay for help Skype: roryyskype Kind Regards, Dev
  3. Thank you very much for your replies & help. Much appreciated! Kind Regards, Deviion
  4. Then I do not understand that he comes online but does simply not read my private message. Kinda frustrating when you pay for something and it doesn't arrive like it should be. Completely understand that he is most likely a busy guy, but atleast give someone else the right to help with these kind of problems then aswell and not just one person. Who knows when I get my credits now ... Appreciate your answer!
  5. Hello, So basically I bought credits with BTC 24 hours ago. Didn't receive any credit! So I made a post on the help section, some guy tells me to PM trizel or something and I did. I tried to add more on skype and PM'd more staff / admins. None of them is ready to answer or isn't watching any of my PM's. Kinda frustrating that " as newcomer " u try to get something which should be instant and which isn't afterall and u wanted to bot but u simply can't. So no need to say, u should check if u sent the EXACT amount of BTC or if I was in time or the proper bitcoin address. I made sure all of these were correct and tripple checked it all to avoid any problems. Not cool that you pay for something u don't get in the end. Confused what is going to happen now and why no one is able to help me... PS. I made this post bc no one was answering my last topic anymore and I don't like the way how this is going at this moment. Hope we can solve this together. ( My post: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/62580-bought-credits-didnt-get-them/ ) Kind Regards, Deviion
  6. Still waiting for credits which I bought yesterday... Was hoping / expecting to get them instantly, I am rly interested in botting, how long will this still take? I also PM'd the staff admin.. Kind Regards, Deviion
  7. True I have been reading the forums and reading the things when I paid for the credits I looked into it bc it requires the exact amount. Should be in time and the right address Im pretty sure i followed that. Anyway thankyou for your comments. Hope to get my credits soon!
  8. I sent it on the right time window. Made sure it was the right address and right amount of bitcoins.
  9. Hello I recently bought credits for 8$ to buy the VIP extended. So I am still waiting but I didn't get any credits.. I made sure I sent it to the right address and the EXACT amount what was asked. My BTC address : 1KT4Gg1cLdCoj2hMVTipfRnCvCpqmHLak Would like to hear from you.