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  1. Used this bot for about 7-8 hours or so now, and it hasn't messed up once. This is the first hunter script that's actually been good to me lol
  2. I've contacted the script seller and he's just ignoring me
  3. i purchased green dragon killer basic for 70$ i had posted on his thread i think he dosnt updat it anymroe but no answer please help
  4. I've paid 70$ for this and it's not working for me and I have only just seen the thread I need one instance not what I've bought and it's crashing my PC please remove this script and can I get my money back thanks I've had less that 6 hours
  5. I've bought the basic GSM for about 70$ thinking it would be a good buy the script is crashing my PC and also ha dimly made 300k In 3 hours as it's constantly freezing i would like a full refund please and I sure hope i don't got banned for this !!plewse help tribot
  6. Selling some of my credits 900k each post here will go first to trusted or will do small segments ?? Fair enough isn't it both safe that way William to go first in very small segments to not trusted people