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  1. Used this to get 99 fishing. I did it quite slowly over 3 months but I got there in the end XD Recommend this script.
  2. That's handled by Tribot. You need to go to View>Account Manager to add your account.
  3. Let me know when it's fixed. I wanted to bot tonight xD
  4. Considering using this on my HCIM. Anyone know what the chance of dieing to rockfalls in motherload mine is at about 35 hp? I've never actually done it on anything other than my main with 90+ hp
  5. I'm sure this has been queried before but I'll be damned if I'll look through 100 pages of comments. Any way to alch/fletch as you run?
  6. Such poor feedback on this. Does anyone know if it's still as bad as the comments say?
  7. I'm having a similar issue setting the formation, I assume I'm doing something wrong
  8. Just purchased and I must say, it seems almost more human than me. One question though, how do I schedule breaks? I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.
  9. Anyone have any suggestions for leveling range with this? I'm currently 55 range and am looking to get to 70-80. Currently I'm killing things manually myself at caged ogres and while I know I can bot there, it seems like a place that would have quite a high ban rate. Any suggestions on other places to bot range?
  10. Hello everyone. I purchased VIP to help me level my combat a bit and it's going great, however I'm also looking to raise my general total level as the majority of my stats are still <10. What skills are relatively safe to bot on, and which scripts would you suggest for that skill? Thanks in advance