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  1. Fuck. What about botting NMZ if I set it up myself and start the bot once I'm in there?
  2. So I got a 2 day ban on my main account for auto alching with your script I was 15k alchs off 94. Do you think it's safe to bot @ NMZ (setting it up manually each time, then leaving it to bot hardmode for an inventory of p pots/overloads) now that I have that ban? I will be perm banned if caught, wont I? Has anyone been caught yet?
  3. I am 15k alchs off 94 magic, and I got a 2 day ban last week. Can I ever bot again on my account, or am I having to do everything manually now? Cheers, Humble EDIT: Can I bot something like NMZ or will that still likely get me perm banned? Are there automatic detection or can I do NMZ and get away with it?
  4. I was botting pest control like 12 hours a day for 5 days. Got a 2 day ban, and I'm 900k exp off 94 (I'm currently 92). Sad I have to do the rest manually and never bot again on the account, so fucking annoying. I was planning to bot NMZ to 99 str, but now I'll have to do it manually.
  5. But is there not a chance that submitting a ticket would make them look more closely at my account, realise how seriously I was botting, and then punish me further?
  6. Should I submit a ticket saying I wasn't botting?
  7. oldschool1.runescape.com That will load a browser into world 1 as well. Or replace the 1 with any other number for the world you desire.
  8. So I was being dumb and I got a two day ban; I was auto alching in World 1 and World 2 seers village. It's my first ban from botting ever, even though I used to bot soulwars 24/7 on multiple accounts pre-eoc, so I have a few questions. 1) Does this type of ban mean a J-mod physically banned me, or was I reported multiple times? It seems hard to me that I would have been reported, because I was always standing on like 15+ other people in a pile. 2) I was botting for 6 hour chunks and not using the break handler or login handler (so I'd do 6 hours then the bot would stop when I was automatically logged out). I was setting it up before bed, and then when I got up the next morning before work I'd set it up again. Was I banned simple because it was obvious that I was doing 6 hours of alching, stopping when I was auto-logged, and a few hours later doing exactly 6 more hours? 3) Will my IP now be flagged? I have a static IP =/ 4) Do they issue roll-backs on 07scape? I was only 250k from 94 when I was banned, but I am currently still at that exp on the highscores. Will I log back in to rolled back magic exp? 5) Is it possible or advisable to issue a ticket to jagex that I was banned by mistake? I don't understand how bot busting bans work. Do they just walk up and speak to you, and ban you when you don't reply? Thanks, Humble.
  9. Got a ban, moderate bot busting or something. Not the script though, I just got like 4m exp in a few days and they would have realised lol. Still, does that mean someone reported me or there systems just detected massive exp gains? Also, do they do rollbacks on oldschool accounts? I'm so close to 94 magic it'd kill me if they rolled me back.
  10. Not sure why, but I can't start any scripts atm? Did I lose VIP?
  11. Thanks so much. Sorry about those posts haha I was a bit drunk and rambling a lot.
  12. And other alching scripts have ability to turn off random solvers I just realised, so I wouldn't have been lured that time. Either way, I'll try some others but I bet yours is still the best. Also, your new PC bot is working amazingly (50 points per hour low boat) except the bots all do the same thing at the same time. Can't wait to buy your NMZ pro when my PC auth runs out.
  13. And you keep ignoring me. I'd rather you just say "It's not a premium script so I'm not doing it". Instead you keep saying "Randoms are handled by the client", but it's this script that turns OFF, and the client doesn't have a chance to solve them. Others scripts are solving randoms fine at the moment.
  14. @jsand5048: The replay shows the random handler attempting to grab someone else's strange fruit (a person standing outside the bank purposefully luring auto-alchers). This caused me to run outside of the bank, and I then got my own random a bit later, which in turn killed me. @Texan: I know the client handles randoms. Is there a way to disable it? PC bank is safe, and it's the random handler that got me killed. Alternatively, I believe that this script stops the random solver from doing its job because it stops (saying it is out of runes) before the clients random solver can kick in. Like I have previously said, if I re-start this script when already in a random, then the random solver solves it. If you could make it so I can do my remaining 72k alchs overnight alching with no fuss (maybe a failsafe teleport and log out OR a random solver over-ride OR make it so the bot doesn't stop when it gets teleported into a random) I'd happily pay for it.
  15. So yeah, died trying to pick someone elses strange fruit. The botclient didn't record the random that killed me, so I'm unsure what happened in that case, maybe the file was too long, but it obviously failed the random haha. Could you even possibly make it so it remembers the tile it was on, and runs back to it if it moves? Lol, half the bank ran out and tried to pick the strange fruit. I wonder if many others died.