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  1. So I got a 2 day ban on my main account for auto alching with your script I was 15k alchs off 94. Do you think it's safe to bot @ NMZ (setting it up manually each time, then leaving it to bot hardmode for an inventory of p pots/overloads) now that I have that ban? I will be perm banned if caught, wont I? Has anyone been caught yet?
  2. Not sure why, but I can't start any scripts atm? Did I lose VIP?
  3. Can't wait to try out the new script. Would be great to have spending points and hopping worlds based on cc back in. Then I could run it 24/7 lol.
  4. Seriously you haven't been banned? Are you using it at the moment? Right now if you don't get through the doors before someone closes them, you sit there for the entire game. Is there really no way to get it to be able to open doors? Cant you just have the camera on a certain angle if it cant walk through, and click in the correct space?
  5. So, uhhh, is there a cooling off period? I knew you were considering rewriting this, but I just tried it out for about 4 hours (once client stopped freezing, not your fault I know) and it hasn't been working that well. Not opening doors is a big problem, I don't know if you can fix that? When you die during a round and haven't got back to a portal yet and then the round finishes, it stands for around 30 seconds outside the lander (and does not join a new game), then runs off to the other side of the island (next to the bank), where you stand with other bots in a pile, and can take a while to get the Lost section of script running. Can it not identify that a game has finished and revert to joining a new one without getting lost? It often runs up next to the first portal of a new game (never mind how waywardly and bot-like it runs there) and then stands there doing nothing (auto-retaliating a monster if you're lucky) until the first portal is down and it can run to a new one. Just wondering if you're still going to work on such things, or if you consider this script is on the way out. I didn't buy it to get void armour, I bought it to get exp.
  6. Trilez, just wanted to say that I'm using Texan's PC bot and it freezes after about 3 mins. BUT, I was running a free essence miner earlier on the same (I think?) version and it ran for 3+ hours, all fine.
  7. Oh no way, this is up and running atm? No re-write? I'm going to buy it today. re: the above quote, I wish Soul Wars was back in the game, that was the best for botting. I maxed two accounts (one was a pure) from scratch using that, including 99 and 95 prayer lol. Ran them 24/7 for weeks. I understand the chance of being banned, but I am concerned about people gaining defence exp. Is that 100% fixed in this script? The account I have right now is a 20 defence initiate pker, with 90+ ranged and magic. I'd be pretty devo if it got defence up, and it would only take a few hits to level, not to mention it wouldn't take long until it was ruined from being a zerker too.
  8. Selling Games - Long Proggie I don't understand how selling games works? What exactly do you sell to people? Also, how long would it take to get 650k points using free script as opposed to premium script? Keep in mind on a 60 att 73 str 20 def initiate pure with 52 prayer.
  9. Second time I've paid for VIP on tribot, and it still wont work on my computer
  10. Do I need to? I thought I only needed the .class files
  11. Is this going to see an update? Really looking forward to finding a free firemaking bot so I can do 30-50.
  12. I cannot get this to work, am I doing anything wrong? Once I unzip the .class files into the script folder it breaks the start script button.
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