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  1. Firewithin

    Administrator please pm me need your help

    . My original post can't be found on my profile at least I can't find it, the detailed one (I'll check my email for it see if a copy was sent there) but I made a new post about what I was doing wrong incase someone else is doing the same thing or having problems with it
  2. I was recently having a problem buying credits and no one was able to help me my credit card would not work my Paypal would not work despite being verified by the email sent. The only help I got was SOL and YOYO (sold out of luck, your on your own) responses. The real problem is that when you try to use a credit card it seems to refuse to go through unless you save the payment details and you need a working cell phone number to do so that was the only problem I had. However the Paypal thing seems to be that unless you put your bank account on your Paypal it will not work. I got my credits im hoping for some its just because like me you did not want to ,at first, save the payment details and use a cell phone number
  3. Firewithin

    Administrator please pm me need your help

    I made a detailed post and all they did was say I needed to verify my Paypal Account which I did. I also messaged all the admins directly in detail about my problem and was basically told OYO
  4. Firewithin

    Administrator please pm me need your help

    I tried and all they told me was to verify my paypal which i had already done and it wasn't work i really need an admin to talk to about this.
  5. The title says it all lm I'm new here so I don't know who the admins are but I need their help
  6. Starting to wonder if this is a bug or done on purpose
  7. Firewithin

    paypal verification link wont send to email.

    See I have a different problem wouldn't take my card so o tried PayPal I got the verifcation email and it still won't work. Like I don't get it the porn websites I signed up to in the past can take prepaid credit cards but I cant even use PayPal here ffs
  8. Firewithin

    Please fix tribot credit buying...

    I got about $100 Canadian Im trying to buy so it's about 70-71 credits and I can't it won't take the card won't take my PayPal because I'm paranoid that if I put my bank account on PayPal someone will get my password and drain my account. It makes no sense for me to charge back the card would be linked to my account then I would be banned from tribot defeats the whole purpose of coming here if I'm banned from here
  9. Firewithin

    Buyinh Credits With Paypal Need Help

    I did verify it it sent the email i clicked the link. i wont put my bank account on my paypal ive always used prepaid. so idk why it wont work now if its because theres no bank account i wont be using tribot i guess i went and bought $100 prepaid to use here
  10. Firewithin

    Buyinh Credits With Paypal Need Help

    I'm trying to buy about 70 credits with a prepaid mastercard but it wont work so i tried using my paypal account with it but it refuses to accept it because i haven't linked my bank account to paypal or at least it seems that way. it has already verified that its a a working paypal account via the email. Even if i try selecting the card it refuses to accept it when i try to continue just comes back to the purchases credits saying it needs a verified bank account which im not going to link to my paypal never have for any of my purchases at other websites or ebay. I just added this prepaid to paypal today so idk if it is because it needs to verify it with that $1 withdraw for 3-5 days or however long it is before it can be used or if its something on this end just need answers. if i cant buy without a verified bank account linked to paypal i just wont be buying credits. Serious Help needed thou with this one