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  1. If I allow all input then the bot & mouse will fight over the cursor! Still no luck after changing mouse input settings
  2. Have tried this, does not work for me
  3. Is it possible to talk ingame with a script running & input blocked? ie. can you set it so only keyboard input is allowed? This would make it useful for those of us who only babysit bot and want to reply to when people talk to us, I know rsbuddy (i know) & powerbot used to have this feature back in the day Can anyone confirm if this is possible & how to do it? If not - definitely a simple addition to the bot which would be greatly appreciated!
  4. In barbarian village quite often it will click the opposite fishing spot, then when half way there will get stuck running back, clicking the opposite spot, running back, and so on
  5. Last location before getting banned?: GE Skill botted?: Fishing Breaks or no? yes, botted 8hrs total per evening over 4 days If so how long?: n/a How long did you bot per day?: 1-3 hours Banned before?: never, only ever botted upto 76 fishing before eoc/osrs even came out Type of ban?: permanent VPS/VPN/Proxy?: no Scripts Used? ftwAIO Fisher (premium) Other Bots Used?: the free/trial version of same script for like 2 hours How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: 11/3/16 Fresh account/Days acc used?: account was about 7 years old but inactive
  6. Bot seems to ask whether I want to connect, resolve to a website & ip address on loading & every bank run, I take it this is simply to add to the global stats for the bot?
  7. Hi all Tri-bot definitely looks like the best bot out there, with really good scripts available I don't mind paying for either VIP or a premium script, but not both! Before I go and buy premium scripts, I just wanted to know if they can be run indefinitely on a free tri-bot account? Is this the case or is it subject to the 2-hours per 3 days as with standard scripts? Thanks