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  1. Seems to be pretty decent at killing stuff in the radius you set but seems to do really daft stuff It couldn't bank from varrock sewers, just stood at moss giants clicking tabs to stay logged in I then decided I would move to experiments to train, it does well fighting them but every 1-2 minutes it would open the music tab. Yeah the music tab who the hell opens the music tab! I would click onto inventory or stat tabs but it would click back to the music tab within a minute!
  2. 3 accounts to 99 now, 1 through looking glass a long time ago, 1 on regular client about 6 months ago and 1 on regular client a month ago. All with VIP-E though so had the "human mouse movement" 1 account was 10 hp with cakes, 1 mid lvl hp with lobsters and 1 90+ hp with brews, only minor issue is it doesnt bank or use up low dosage potions or part cakes before taking out new ones, so after running a few hours you can get trips where it goes in with 4x 1 dose brews for example I did get the dragon axe on an ironman, pet on my main and the tome on 2 accounts! No deaths, no bans. I ran mostly for 2-3 hours at a time, and manually done breaks by pausing script at bank and letting it log out, although when in the level 90's I would have let it run 4 hours or so non stop, I suppose in a way it does mimic human behaviour doing this as you reach the end of the tunnel Must say it is a great script!
  3. Sorry for (sort of) necro post, but this happened to me too, my account was using Einsteins woodcutter to chop willows at Draynor, it was ran for about 8 hours over 3 days or so, I was babysitting throughout and chatting from time to time, one morning it types auto-relog into username and after I'd logged in it ran for an hour or so, I then logged out and was banned on next login 10 minutes later It seems common sense that Jagex would be able to see which accounts have used the client from the cache when "someone" types this in as a username, let's be honest this is no ones real login name, and the only reason it would ever be typed in is because the user is botting
  4. Can I do this by paying an extra 1.5 credits (already paid 6.5 for the month) instead of an extra 8 (as if it was a free sub) ?
  5. Would buy this script if it was $30 for 10 instances. I want to pay $ 3.95 for just 1 instance to cut bows on an alt lol
  6. Only suggestion I would have is for the script to add option for left click bank booth/deposit all which would be much more human-like (for me anyway) than right clicking bank npc and right clicking inventory to deposit And a slightly more major "bug" is that it will try to pick birds nests that other players have dropped - kills script for a few minutes as ironman because it keeps trying, although not sure if the bot can even identify your own drop against other players. I've just disabled picking up nests anyway edit... the paint seems to be blocked under the "block user input" area, so to open the settings in order to remove paint when the script is running you have to allow user input which typically results in wrestling with the mouse. It screams bot behaviour in my head. For me (and I may be botting wrong) I basically baby sit anytime I'm botting, so like to keep an eye on public chat and put a few lines now and again, but this is impossible with the paint being directly over the chat box and fully opaque. But at the same time I do like to see bot progress so some way to remove it without the mouse being active in game window would be excellent.
  7. Ok so for anyone reading this, script works pretty much perfectly, gets more crates than I usually would when afk'ing for more than 30mins, I think probably a good thing it doesn't get every single crate to be honest as no human can be bothered monitoring it constantly. Very impressed so far. Question for the Encoded - I could easily get 5 kills per trip with 4 cakes, but it doesn't seem to like doing any more than 2 per trip, I tried playing with settings and it seems to be in reverse (if you set to bank at 1 food, it banks after using 1 food rather than 1 left). But whatever combination I set it has only stayed for 3 kills once so far, any ideas ?
  8. Thanks buddy ill hopefully buy this later today
  9. Does this properly support Cake (ie. Cake, 2/3 Cake, 1/3 Cake) ? Or just eat a bit of cake and bank the rest to withdraw full ones ?
  10. If I allow all input then the bot & mouse will fight over the cursor! Still no luck after changing mouse input settings
  11. Have tried this, does not work for me
  12. Is it possible to talk ingame with a script running & input blocked? ie. can you set it so only keyboard input is allowed? This would make it useful for those of us who only babysit bot and want to reply to when people talk to us, I know rsbuddy (i know) & powerbot used to have this feature back in the day Can anyone confirm if this is possible & how to do it? If not - definitely a simple addition to the bot which would be greatly appreciated!
  13. In barbarian village quite often it will click the opposite fishing spot, then when half way there will get stuck running back, clicking the opposite spot, running back, and so on
  14. Last location before getting banned?: GE Skill botted?: Fishing Breaks or no? yes, botted 8hrs total per evening over 4 days If so how long?: n/a How long did you bot per day?: 1-3 hours Banned before?: never, only ever botted upto 76 fishing before eoc/osrs even came out Type of ban?: permanent VPS/VPN/Proxy?: no Scripts Used? ftwAIO Fisher (premium) Other Bots Used?: the free/trial version of same script for like 2 hours How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: 11/3/16 Fresh account/Days acc used?: account was about 7 years old but inactive
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