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Everything posted by L B

  1. Excellent, I just need to run some other scripts to build up cash pile then I shall begin! Great proggies
  2. Been AFK for a while, how's this script running currently? Can't wait to get back into botting
  3. Been out of the scene for a couple of months, how's this script running currently?
  4. Epic xp! Bans are very painful Hmm, I have had over 150 accounts banned, taking a break from mass botting to test out how to reduce ban rates, with various tests & sample accounts.
  5. Starting new account to test out script. I'll post progress here as soon as levelled up some combat.
  6. L B

    Human Mouse Implementation

    Thank you. My bots keep going into DEEPSLEEP mode, where the debug says "Logging in" with accounts just standing still
  7. You'll make your money back, after 99 you make too much xp/h, instant flagged, so watch out
  8. Script is epic. Skill is very high ban rate, tried to level up 30 accounts to 73, only 2 made it! Now they are banned too after 3 days @ Black chins.
  9. L B

    Human Mouse Implementation

    Restarted Client, working very smoothly like silk !
  10. L B

    Human Mouse Implementation

    Great update, teething issues = currently client very laggy and xp +hp/h dropped by about 60%.
  11. L B

    Mine and Smelt

    This script looks great!
  12. L B

    Runite Miner & Logger

    Hit me up on Skype: harry.lb
  13. Testing with 30 accounts, custom email
  14. Multiple accounts banned at "normal" chins, watch out! Falconry would be awesome feature + log out if other hunters are present* *Already in script, a must