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  1. Dear TriBot users, You may not know me but I have been in the Runescape botting scene for over 9 years. I have one question, as I keep slipping in and out of botting.... is it still possible to run 20-60 bots and make decent money without bans? As recent as 4 months ago I tried another botfarm and my accounts were all banned with in a week, which frustrates me more than low gp/h. Your opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards, LB / Harry
  2. I can personally vouch for Chiv, I have known him for over 5 years, he is one of the best and knowledgable fellow bothers I know! He is extremely professional and efficient, I have trusted him with over 1B gp and several of my maxed accounts with no hesitation. I wish Chiv every success in his Training service
  3. Excellent, I just need to run some other scripts to build up cash pile then I shall begin! Great proggies
  4. Been AFK for a while, how's this script running currently? Can't wait to get back into botting
  5. Been out of the scene for a couple of months, how's this script running currently?
  6. Epic xp! Bans are very painful Hmm, I have had over 150 accounts banned, taking a break from mass botting to test out how to reduce ban rates, with various tests & sample accounts.
  7. Agreed, finding it hard just to buy gear for my accounts ^^
  8. Starting new account to test out script. I'll post progress here as soon as levelled up some combat.
  9. Another 18 banned. Last location before getting banned?: ClassifiedSkill botted?: ClassifiedBreaks or no?: NoneIf so how long?: NoneHow long did you bot per day?: 24/7Banned before?: NoType of ban?: Perm, manual J-ModVPS/VPN/Proxy?: Yes 1 proxy per accountScripts Used?: ClassifiedOther Bots Used?: ClassifiedHow many bots at a time were being run?: 18Date banned?: TodayFresh account/Days acc used?: New accounts
  10. BAN-tastic, I'm waiting until F2P is released
  11. I suppose "legit" gold farming would be profitable without bans, probably run all those wXXX vwest accounts
  12. Rofl, not sure always been more interested in the simplicity of RS.