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  1. Mine is doing the same thing. Can't world hop.
  2. Why does it keep walking to edgeville? I have a charged glory equipped.
  3. Fuzzy Kiwi

    |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [NOW FREE]

    Dwarf Cannon is buggy. Started the quest and kept talking to the guy over and over again until I stopped it. Started Death Plateu and it went for a walk in the wildy. It got there in the end but then it started talking to Harold over and over again.
  4. Fuzzy Kiwi

    |w| Quests [ABCL 10] [NOW FREE]

    It completed waterfall quest. But it eats every time it takes damage. It eats a lobster even though its only taken 2 damage. And it was spam clicking a bit by the maze. It also got stuck trying to get into the door under the waterfall, after I clicked on the door it worked fine.
  5. Does this script still work?
  6. Bot stands around clicking on NPCs even though arrows ran out. Can you please modify the script so it logs out if it runs out of arrows?
  7. If I buy VIP, can I run bots on multiple computers or am I limited to one computer? I want to run bots on my Computer and a VPS.
  8. Whats the range support like? Will it pick up only piles of arrows and ignore the strays?
  9. How do I make it pick up only piles of arrows? Does it re-equip arrows?
  10. Does it logout when a level 8 berry collector runs past?
  11. Ok, thanks neon. I guess i'll wait a few days
  12. I'm thinking about trying this script. How does the logout thing work? Does it logout if people have a skull or pk gear or something? Or does it just log out depending on their combat lvl?
  13. Fuzzy Kiwi

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    Good reliable script. Thank you.