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  1. Ahh damn. Well that answers my questions then, thanks for the speedy replies! Thanks again!
  2. That can explain it. However as of recently I've been using my university wifi so disconnecting the router, unfortunately isn't an option. I figure if I were able to access the site in which the launcher retrieves those announcements then I'd be able to successfully finish the captcha in a web browser.
  3. So I'm currently having an issue logging into the bot at the launcher. This happen randomly, did not use to be a problem. I was wondering if anyone had a solution to this, or if anyone knew where the announcement section of the launcher directed to, the link, maybe i can enter it within a web browser and manually do it there. I'm having a hard time passing the captcha since the launcher is not resizable and cannot see whats beyond what is normally visible, therefore constantly resulting in an error when i attempt to proceed.