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  1. Albatross

    What are the ban rates for premium and free scripts.

    Well, I've used 3 premium scripts since Thursday (no other scripts, just started up again) all with ABCL 10 etc. Banned today upon login. Botted only 4 hours each night (like 9pm EST). Botted agility and magic. Incredibly easy to get banned these days, it's absolutely nothing like last year.
  2. Where are you botting?
  3. @TRiLeZ Would be nice if this could detect when you're moved to a bot world (maybe auto logout if moved to a bot world). This happens all the time with fishing
  4. Is there a list of scripts currently using full ABCL 10?
  5. Not sure what you're talking about. I bought this script back in June and it has greatly improved since then. Logics can be tricky the first time but you'll get better as you figure out what is going wrong with them. Most of the time it is in the fault of the user. I've made a lot of successful paths (every time an update gets pushed I just re make it in case) and it's been flawless. Put a sleep after every single command, some you might need longer, just figure out why it's not working then go from there. But idk what problem you are having; you can PM me if you need help further.
  6. Albatross

    Minimap clicking glitch

    So let's say the script is going to walk somewhere. Normally it would click the minimap and go to the place no problem. Sometimes, however, it clicks the spot but then the flag glitches and goes somewhere completely different than where it was clicked. I was thinking this is a client issue since it has happened on multiple scripts. Anyone know the problem?
  7. Just edited my post, basically what happens is the flag goes to a different place than when clicked. Maybe a client issue but I'm just making sure. I'll try the longer sleeps though thanks
  8. A couple bugs: When you climb down a ladder and it goes to start the next path, it clicks the minimap but instead of walking it climbs back up the ladder. In more detail basically it happens where it clicks the minimap but the flag ends up in a completely different place than it was supposed to. Attacks strange plant instead of running away from it.
  9. Excellent script, you've done it again. Flawless rock prediction, drops ores when all rocks are out of ore, just perfect. Thank you
  10. Accidental burying once in a while, other than that works well. Thanks for this edit: Doesn't always wait long enough to refill ectophial
  11. For anyone weary of buying this, I'll give a vouch here to put everyone at ease. I definitely recommend the script; it works exactly as you tell it to. Building a good logic can take some time to learn everything, took me probably 5 attempts to get a flawless druid logic going, but eventually I got it. Skype support has been very helpful; so yes, you do get support. The script does have its bugs here and there (mainly going to bank), but I'm thinking those will be fixed over time. Nonetheless, it works most, if not all of the time. You can pm me if you want tips for building a good logic, but for the most part it's all about making sure you have enough sleeps and so forth. Other than that, it is a great script if you do everything correctly. Bugs exist here and there, but if your logic is flawless, it should work 99% of the time.
  12. Was looking at that bot busting thread on the official forums and they were talking about reporting people who were dropping shit like that because it looked suspicious. It's just a precaution, no need to be an ass about it. Also to mention that I'd rather keep emeralds/sapphires as an option, because even if you set it to loot them, it doesn't.
  13. Any reason it drops random items like gems? I think some of those are actually worth keeping, not to mention it's suspicious if you drop gems.